Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Full of glitter!

Hi All!
The other day when my mom and I were playing with paste... er... I mean embossing paste- I thought it might be fun to cover the tree with glitter. I imagined a tree just with fresh fallen snow on it. I think this look rocks. I WAS covered with glitter when I was all done though---glitter in the hair, on the face, all over my clothes. Put a light on me and I would have been a human disco ball!

Like I said yesterday, this is a technique from Dreamweavers - click HERE and surf around their site, they have GORGEOUS stencils. Me thinks I need some more!

Here's a close up of the tree showing the glitter. I had to up the contrast so you could see it well! IRL, it is really soft and glittery!

Well... I'm off and running! Have a fab day!

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