Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Stamp Room

While we were building our house, one of the things I desperately wanted was a place to create. For 7 plus years I would haul stuff up from my laundry room to the dining room table and transform the middle of my home into a stamping disaster area. My four-year-old would often say, "Mom, it looks like a tornado came through our house!" She was right! So, when we built, I claimed one of the extra bedrooms! My husband happily handed it over because, well, he liked the dining room table without all my junk on it!

Love my project desk that I picked up on sale at Pier One! Those cubbies on both sides come in handy for embellishments!

I've taken bins -shoebox size from Steralite - and have categorized them based on stamping categories - flowers, backgrounds, phrases etc!

These rolling carts make great places to store paper. 12 by 12 paper fits inside perfectly and when you slide out a drawer, they have lids so that you could take a stack of paper with you to a card making party! I've also used some of the drawers to store punches, envies, and my Vivid inks.

Little Steralite drawer storge units are perfect for extra ink pads, buttons, loose ribbon etc.!

You can see - it's not a huge space but the closet is key! I wanted to make sure the entire wall, pretty much, was a closet! On the other side of the entrance is another smaller closet that houses all my yarn, patterns and needles for my other passion - KNITTING!

Edited to add: IT'S RARELY THIS NEAT! IN FACT, IT'S NEVER THIS NEAT! I am human for crying out loud! :-)
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