Friday, October 22, 2021

Folklore Flora - The Fig!

Hello all! How has life been treating you this week? Wonderful, I hope! I have really enjoyed breaking out my markers and taking some time to color. Confession, I always put on some jams and many times sing at the top of my lungs when I color. It alarms my husband, who also works at home but heck, I call it entertainment. He's lucky I don't charge cover. HA! 

Moving on! Did you see Power Poppy's new digital release that pays homage to some beautiful plants with equally beautiful meanings? Check it out! These beauties were released last week. There are four images in all. You can see each one of them HERE!  

Today, I wanted to bring you part two of my escapade into this digital set. If you missed my first offering, just click HERE! Last week, I colored up Folklore Flora Apple! 

Moving on to today's creation!

Marcella illustrated a gorgeous fig plant and ... who knew the meaning behind a fig was "enlightenment?" Not me! 

I colored this image up with Copic markers and had fun just reaching for different combinations of green and violet. I stuck more to the YG greens to add a little hint of yellow to my figs. They really are so interesting in their coloring and go from a vibrant green to a deep almost grey purple. I even added a few shades of deep red here so that my figs didn't end up too grey. I real life they are but I was worried mine would look like a muddy blob! LOL! 

I used V01, V06, V12, R35, R39, V09, and a bit of BV00. The leaves were G20, G40, G21, YG63, and a little bit of YG21. I had a few other colors I reached for but they were minor players. 

Here's a closeup for you! 

When it came to layering up my card, it was super simple because this illustration is so large. It fills an entire card front. So, I added a little punched corner, some cording and a button and ... ta da! Done! 

So, again, if you want to check out this collection, all you need to do is click HERE! There are two other images in this set and... if all goes as planned, I plan to bring you my versions of them in the next two Fridays! 

Hope you have an amazing weekend and I'll see you back here soon! 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Introducing.... Folklore Flora!

Wow... it's been a hot minute since I have posted but thankfully, Marcella over at Power Poppy gave me a reason to dust off my Copic markers and take a little time just coloring with glee. It had been so long I felt I almost forgot how to do it. But, as my breathing slowed and I studied her gorgeous illustration, I realized just how badly I missed this sensation - slowing down and getting lost in the craft. 

Today Marcella is releasing four new digital images that are oh so beautiful and have a sweet meaning behind each drawing. So, it's time to take a peek at.... 

Folklore Flora is a four-piece set that not only comes in black line but greyscale for no-line coloring. Marcy is actually doing something brand new as well! She is offering her painted artwork for download so if you want to create an instant notecard that is all beautifully colored and ready to go -- you can! She's taken the work out of it for you. While I love the coloring journey, I think that this option is so nice for those times when you need a gorgeous card in a jiffy. 

On to my creation! 

I grabbed my Copic markers and really just reached for colors as I went. The apples are mostly R30, R35, R39, R59 and a little BV00 to accent the shaded areas. I grabbed a whole host of greens, too many to list and then added a little Y32 to spots to add a little golden glow. 

The beautiful thing about this illustration is that because it is so large, you don't need a ton of extras to make it into a card. I decided to put my illustration on a slant, add a button and twine and... ta da! Done!

I will say that I knew I wanted to add the button and so I created a space for it by erasing the name "Thoreau" from the quote. So sorry Thoreau. I love your quote and I didn't mean to "dis" you by not acknowledging it! But, a gal needed space for a button! Ha! 

Here's a little closeup for you!

Want to see what the other gals did with these beautiful illustrations? A few of the designers took on the mission. Stop by to see what they have in store! 

And, don't forget to stop by the Power Poppy Shop to see what Marcy has to say about this new collection! 

Just a little FYI -- I am hoping to color all of these and will be sharing a post hopefully each Friday until all four are colored! So, stay tuned! I promise it won't be so long until my next post.