Thursday, November 29, 2007

O2M, N2U

Ok, that would mean "Old To Me, New To You!" I have been overworked these last few days and creating has been out of the question! I did find some cards, however, that I thought featured a fun/cool technique that I did awhile back--- so it's show and tell time!

These cards were made by stamping the image on a dark colored card stock and embossing them with gold or copper embossing powder. I colored/higlighted parts of the image with a white colored pencil. Basically, I scribbled the color on. I didn't want to color the whole image, just areas that I thought might be light reflective. Then.... I colored over top with regular colored pencils. The result? It can make anyone look like an artist! You get highlights and shadows with very little work! I have to say that you'll get the best results when you use a pencil like Prismacolor. These pencils have a wax base and are highly blendable! Love my Prismas! Just in case you wondered, all the stamps I used for this technique were from Magenta.

Here are a few more examples!

Happy Thursday!!! :-)

The Clear Answer!

Ok, Donna emailed and posted a comment yesterday saying she heard that Staz-On and Palette Hybrids were ok. Well, I emailed Stewart Superior - one of the largest manufacturers of clear polymer stamps and here's what the company had to say. I am so glad I emailed! The company really set the record straight!!!

The Response

Hi Julie,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your question on inks and clear stamps.

There are several types of clear stamps out there - vinyl, silicone and photopolymer. Photopolymer is the top of the line material - as it provides the best ink transfer and image quality and durability. That is the material we use for manufacturing clear stamps.

So I can give you the details on inks for photopolymer but I don't have much data on the silicone or vinyl since we don't work with those materials.

First off, you have absolutely no worries with using Palette Hybrids. The hybrids are the latest in ink technology where they provide the same features as a solvent ink without the problems. The Palette Hybrids work on all surfaces but must be heat set on glossy surfaces and fabrics. They do this while also being non-solvent, non-hazardous, non-flammable, fade-resistant and archival. The hybrids can be used on any stamp rubber or clear and you never have to worry about them damaging the stamp.

Staz-On is a solvent based ink. It's toxic and flammable and dries out quickly. You may use solvent based inks on a clear stamp if you clean the ink off immediately. You do not want to use a solvent based cleaner on clear stamps. The best cleaner on the market for all stamps clear or rubber is Ultra Clean. Solvent will attack the photopolymer if left in contact with it for an extended period.

So to sum up - you can use solvent based inks - if you clean them immediately. And you must not use a solvent based cleaner. Ultra Clean is the cleaner to use. However, you get the same benefits of solvent ink - with the Palette Hybrids without the problems, and you have a much larger color selection.

Memories and the Palette Hybrids work magnificently with both clear and rubber stamps and you have the benefit of knowing that they won't harm your stamps. If you use another inpad and you're unsure if it's solvent or not - then just be sure to clean it quickly after use.

Hope this helps and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Best regards,

Andre Cox
Marketing Director
Stewart Superior Corp.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Clear Stamps & Ink Questions!

Got a comment from Kerry and a few emails asking about my comment re: Ancient Page and polymer/clear stamps.Well, Kerry, (& the rest of you gals), you really don't want to use any solvent based ink on clear stamps. In the words of the gentleman who makes stamps for Stewart Superior, "It breaks down the polymer and turns them to goo over time!" So, that means no Ancient Page, no Staz-On, or any other permanent solvent based ink. (That also means watch out for solvent based stamp cleaners!) Dye based inks (pad or markers) are perfect. Pigment inks are okay if they are wiped off the polymer quickly. On top of the solvent based inks being bad for clear stamps, they stain! Before I did research on the topic, I did use Ancient Page on one of my clear stamps and now that clear stamp is literally black - not see through black-- just plain coal black! It totally defeats the purpose of having a clear stamp! So... hope that answered the questions for you all. Thankfully, I got the chance to talk to all the makers of these stamps when I did a piece with Roberta Wax for Rubber Stamper magazine on the topic. It was really eye opening!

Busy making more cards... post on that topic coming!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You Know You're In Trouble When......

This isn't a Jeff Foxworthy joke... You know you're in trouble WHEN Christmas decorations start sprouting up and you have no where near enough Christmas cards to send. This is where you plug your ears to prevent hearing me scream.

Ok, it's safe now.

I managed to create this little simple snow guy during my 4-year-old's nap today! It was a quick card that, if need be, could be made en masse - in a hurry. The snow guy is from a clear set from Inkadinkado. I stamped him using a black Versafine ink pad. I had no idea until recently that you could use this ink on clear stamps. It creates an awesome permanent image that works really well for coloring with clear stamps. Ancient page is my fave for red rubber but we all know what happens when that ink touches polymer---NOT GOOD! I colored the snow guy with watercolor pencils, added some pizazz with my new Copic Spica Glitter Pens on his buttons and hat(totally cool pens that are by far the best glitter pens my hands have ever touched! I wish you could see the sparkle--it didn't photograph well!). I matted the snow guy on red card stock, added some bling and a bow and voila... nearly done! The card was accented with the snowflake in this set by stamping it with Versamark ink.

Yeah! Only a few dozen more to go! Egg Nog anyone?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Just in CASE you wondered!!!

Ok, this is a story about a CASE-ing project gone awry. I have loved a card that my stampin' sister Penny did a while back and thought I would try to recreate it in my own little way. You can check out Penny's card here! If you click on the link, you can see why I would want to create something like this! If you look at my card, you can see how my A.D.D. brain works. If you don't see my train of thought with this one, don't worry, I don't even understand my train of thought most of the time!

Since I didn't want to emboss, I pulled out my Brilliance ink pads in Sky Blue and Platinum Planet and stamped all the snowflakes (Inkdadinkado) all over the light blue mat. After I stamped it, I thought, Ok, that didn't look like Penny's. It's actually kind of ugly. What now? I thought, maybe if I stamp that little snowflake, punch it out and add some bling, maybe that will be better. Should I mat it on the snowflake mat piece? NO! ICK! ERASE! EJECT! Ok. What now? I thought, Maybe I should punch out another larger circle from the stamped snowflake piece and mat this little snowflake on top? When I tried that, it was terrible--BUT-- out of the corner of my eye, I spotted that mat piece again and said, Hhhhmmmm. What if? Ok, now you can probably follow the card from here! Aren't happy accidents grand? Although, many of you reading this probably never have happy accidents. Your creations are done with purpose and beauty 100% of the time. Right? :-)

Off for now... Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

More "Trash" Cards!

Ok, now I am laughing. Let's talk trash! Seriously, If you missed Friday's post. These cards were created with "leftovers" from a friend who was making a Christmas scrap book for her friend. They sat in one of my paper drawers for more than a year until I said, "you have got to do something with those or throw them out!" Here are the other two creations I came up with!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, November 23, 2007

One woman's trash is another woman's challenge!

Last year at this time, I went to a crop with a friend. She was on this power scrapping trip and had plans to whip through an entire scrapbook for a friend in a night! She almost made it! Anyway, before she settled in, she bought this major stack of holiday paper that came with some tags and embellishments. She looked at me, knowing I am not a scrapper but a card maker and said, "Could you use these?" You have to know---I am not a "throw away" person. I like to see the potential in everything. So, I said, "I'll take them!" At the time, I thought, maybe pigs will fly and I will use these. Maybe. You never know! Anyway, I was unpacking some things into my stamp room and found these four pages of "Maybes." With all the challenges on line, I decided to challenge myself. Go ahead, I said. Make some cards. No, make 5 cards. 1 card would be easy. 2 cards would still be easy. Three, a little more challenging. Don't stop at 4... make 5. So, I did. Here are a few! I'll share the rest tomorrow!!!! I had a blast. You know what though? While sitting and making these, I never did see a pig fly!

Cards 1, 2 & 3..... More to come later!

Happy weekend!

Time For A Nap.....

Ok, I am bleary-eyed. My dogs are barking - translation - my feet are aching. I am insane. Yes. I braved the mad women (and quite a few men this year) to hit Black Friday to cash in on deals. What did I find? One thing on sale that I had to have for one of my kiddos. How long did that take? 15 minutes. How long did I spend out? 6 hours. Why did I need to be out that long if the only thing I really wanted to buy was purchased in the first 15 minutes??? That's what I don't know! I need a nap.

As promised... the winner of the blog candy!

AND THE WINNER IS..... Elizabeth Wickland.

Shoot me an email with your address and I will get that fun stuff in the mail!

I'll post some fun things later today that I have been working on! Fun stuff... so be sure to check back!!!

Until later.....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful For.... Family!

Well, today I decided to take a back seat to my budding artists. I gave them some paper and commissioned some art! Ellie, my four-year-old was in charge of making napkin rings and Cal, my ten-year-old was in charge of name cards for our plates! I printed off some, as Ellie called them, "Tom the Turkeys" and let her go to town. Fun stuff! I told them they better do their best work because I wanted to share on my blog! :-) My son said, "Really?????" He got excited. Ellie just looked at me and said, "Cool." Kids are funny.
So, here are their creations... and a picture of them!

Cal's Name Cards!

Ellie's Napkin Rings

My Kiddos!

Also wanted to share some BEAUTIFUL flowers I got from my mother and father-in law. They are some of the prettiest flowers I have seen in a long, long while (hint, hint hubby)!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! I am in the middle of baking my fave alternative to pumpkin pie. Here's the recipe!

Pumpkin Cake Bars (recipe courtesy of Kay Erickson--cook & friend!)

Start with the crust which is made with 1 pkg of yellow cake mix (less one cup), 1 stick of margarine, 1 beaten egg. Mix this and then spread it into a greased 9 by 13 inch pan. Make the filling by mixing 2 cups of pumpkin with 2 beaten eggs, 1/2 c. brown sugar, 1/2 c. white sugar, 2/3 c. evaporated milk, 1-1/2 t. cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. Pour this over the crust. Now for the topping! Mix the one remaining cup of cake mix with 1/4 cup of softened margarine and 1/2 c. of sugar. This should be crumbly. Sprinkle over the filling. Bake at 350 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes! Top with whipped cream when you serve!! YUMMY!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This little lady has been sitting in my pile of stamps that I just have to try. You know, the pile you create because you know you just have to try that stamp before you put it away and the pile gets bigger and the stamps don't put themselves away? Yes, that's the pile. Well, I decided to rescue this gal pal and give her a try. She is too stinkin' cute! I really wish we could bring the bellas to life. I know we'd have a blast. They might have us pulling a Thelma and Lousie and before we knew it we'd all be headed straight to a stamping convention! Anywho, for those of you that don't know -- knitting is my other passion. I have plenty of UFO's there too (Unfinished Objects) - two sweaters, a vest, two pairs of socks, a scarf, and a little beaded bag. Is there a support group for people like me?

On to the card! I just stamped her and colored her with watercolor pencils! Matted... and made up my own saying on the computer! Fun. I think I might stamp her out a few more times before committing her to my shelf for awhile. At least she's out of the pile!!

Until tomorrow! Don't forget to leave a comment for blog candy! I'll draw a name on "Black Friday!"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2 posts... 1 day... AND... MORE CANDY!

Ok, on my birthday trip to Michaels (That is mandatory you know), I stumbled upon these darling little clear sets! BLOG CANDY TIME again! I know, I know. I just gave candy. But, I hit 5,000 and I have more reasons to celebrate. So, leave a comment and you're in! The four little sets come with two small blocks that fit the sets perfectly. Thanks again everyone who visits here! I love the comments! I love the emails! Wouldn't it be great if we could have a huge party and all meet? :-)

Until tomorrow! I might actually post a card then! :-)


Ok, I am going to be that kid in grade school who came in with a bow in her hair and wanted everyone in the world to know it was her birthday! Yes, on this day -- many years ago, my mother braved a snow storm, barefoot, uphill to battle 4 days of labor to give me life. (Mom, I am sorry, I know you are reading this right now!) Anyway, she did it and lived through it and here I am! If you want to know how old I am, I have a new saying that I learned from a woman here in Billings - "I am 29 plus shipping and handling." Man, that shipping and handling is pricey these days! :-)

On to more fun things. I wanted to post a picture from Melissa who won the blog candy for 4,000 hits. Thanks so much Melissa for sharing! Don't cha just love those fun papers!! This is just one of her cute creations, you can check out the others at her blog What Do You (Th)Ink!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 19, 2007


Hello all! Since I actually have a stamp room now, I am trying to clear out some of the stamps that I have rarely/never used to make way for some new goodies! I am trying to be specific as possible about the items for sale, but, if you have any questions, feel free to email me. Also, if you would like to purchase a stamp, I have a paypal account set up, or will accept money orders or personal checks. Shipping will be my actual cost. I'll figure shipping via the usps postage calculator when you buy an item. I'll email you the total, so you can sign off on it before committing!

Many of these stamps are way below even wholesale prices- you might ask why? What's wrong with them??? I am not out to make a ton of money, just really want to give these stamps a new home! They have tons of life left in them. Afterall, some have never been used!

Check out the HUGE E GARAGE SALE HERE!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

In The Clear!

This is one of those hard to photograph cards that is cool in concept! Hope you can see it! It is an acetate card that has been accented with white snowflakes that were stamped with White Staz-on ink. The set is a really cute one from Impression Obsession. This isn't my design, but one that a friend, Gayle, shared at our local stamp camp recently. The cool thing about this card is the fact that you stamp the front piece, and layer for the front is actually attached to the inside to hide the tape from the front of the card. The inside layer is lined up with the front to showcase the levels of color. Kind of neat!

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Silent Night

This card is one of my recent favorites because I love the look and you can create it pretty much in 10 minutes tops. I stamped the Silent Night scene (clear set from Inkadinkado) in Versamagic black. Then, I used colored pencils to add some color to the trees and add "snow" to the ground. The star was colored in with a Gelly Roll Sparkle Pen. I matted the Silent Night piece on a burgundy colored piece of card stock and again on a gold piece. Added a gold wired ribbon and.... DONE!

HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING YOUR WEEKEND. I'm off to buy my niece a birthday present!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

One more for the Christmas card pile!

Well, I guess I have a little of the spirit in me after all! When my mom was here for a visit, we hit the new Hobby Lobby store and she picked up this set for $6.50... yes... $6.50. Did I mention that store is huge and amazing? Home deco items? Crafts? Did I end up in heaven? Ok, not quite, but it was a fun way to spend an afternoon with your mom shopping. We cracked open the set and made a couple cards. This was one. This was so simple. I stamped the tree on lime green using dark green ink. The layering was done thanks to my Spellbinders Nestabilities (small classic and scalloped ovals), the paper was just some fun patterned Christmas paper. Add some bling on the tree, rie a ribbon, stamp the saying "A time to remember" that was part of the set and voila! Done! Yeah! Now, I tell the card, "Why don't you just drop yourself in the envelope and send yourself already!"

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reindeer Games

My mom is in town for a visit and today we decided to do a little stamping. We used the same stamp and started with the same basic elements --- but at the last minute chose to take the card in mildly different directions. Here's my version! You can see what she did by checking out the new blog we created for her at The Rubber Maid.

I stamped the reindeer with permanent ink, colored with watercolor pencils, used a holly stamp as a background with Versamark ink on the green piece and then added another holly accent with colored pencil and a bow! I think he turned out kind of cute! While my mom's card and mine are similar, they aren't exactly the same! The good news is, I got to add another card to my finished Christmas card pile! Only 30 more to go!

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feeling more like Christmas everyday...

You know, I came to a funny, funny realization the other day. I am teaching this class at my stamp store called the Christmas Card Club. I come up with three designs using the same stamp set and the gals whip out 15 cards in a night (5 each of three designs). Well, funny thing - being the teacher, I am helping folks with the cards. I am not making them. So, when all is said and done, I'll still have all my cards to make! My mom took my last class for funsies and reminded me of that fact. Hhhhmmmm. Guess I am going to have to get crack-a-lacking! This week I am going to show you some of the fun and EASY cards I did over the weekend (emphasis on easy).

This first one is from a stamp set by Penny Black. I simply used markers on the package, used the ticket corner punch from Stampin' Up, matted it on green. I gave my red card a bit of pizazz with some fun striped paper that I also corner punched. I matted my green piece on the front of the card and added some bling! Super dooper easy!

Until tomorrow!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Blossoms.. four ways Part 4.... plus one!

Ok, I promised the last card using the same stamp. Well, I lied. I am giving you five cards! Ok, don't get mad! :-) Anyway, this first one is one of my fave techniques. I stamped a background stamp on a piece of ivory paper, "antiqued" it with chalks. Then I took a piece of vellum that was the same size (5-1/2 by 4)and I stamped my flower vertically down the center of the vellum. Then, I colored the flowers with marker on the back side of the vellum. When you layer these two pieces of paper, it almost looks as if the flowers are floating. It's pretty cool. I layered these two pieces by putting tape underneath the stamped images and using vellum tape on the edges. The tape won't show! I put these pieces on a gold cardstock card. I ripped a strip of red card stock, and affixed it to the left side of the card. I added copper hot fix nail heads (made by the Kandi Kane)and voila... done!

The second card features a different kind of card layout. There are actually two cards - different sizes- layered to create a unique opening. The white is a small card that is basically folded backwards with the fold on the right side. I stamped the flower, colored it with watercolor pencils and blended my work with a Dove Blender pen (so much better than a water brush!). I took a lavender piece of paper (5-1/4 by 4) and edged it with silver leaf pen. This is how you need to layer this card in order to pull it off! You attach the white card to the inside of your darker purple standard size card, then... you cover the inside part of your white card with the smaller lavender mat piece. I attached a strip to the front of the card and used white ink to stamp the flower up and down that strip. I silver leafed this piece as well along the edges-- then, I attached another stip that is in a lighter purple. Before you attach this strip, figure out how far over your white piece will sit on your card and then attach one of those photo hinges in a place where it will secure your white card and help it stay folded. I really hope this makes sense!!! That's the card. Quite a few steps... but fun!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Melissa S.! I asked my hubby to pick a number between 1 and 31 and he picked 20. Well, the 20th post just so happened to be from Melissa S! If you want to shoot me an email with your address, I'll ship that right out! I do have a challenge though---- when you make something with it,email me a pic. I'll post it to share!

Have fun... until Monday!

Friday, November 9, 2007


Ok,last week when I hit the 4,000 mark for hits, I decided I wanted to celebrate! Like everything in life, I am late!!! So, here's some fun things for the taking. All you need to do is leave me a comment and you will be in the running! There is a trio of fun Christmas stamps - Joy To The World, fa la la la, and the most WONDERFUL time of the year, two spools of Christmas ribbon and a pack of Christmas coordinates 12 by 12 paper! May the best happy stamper win!


p.s. I was going to finish out by 4 cards 1 stamp... but that will wait 'til Monday!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blossoms.. four ways - Part 3

Ok.. this card couldn't really be any easier! I stamped my image on a small white piece of card stock using permanent black ink, matted it on black, stamped the flower all over my pink base card with black ink, then went back and colored my image on my white matted piece. I added chalk around the flower to give it some pop and then colored the actual image in shades of pink and green with water color pencils. I blended the pencils not with water, but with my Dover Blender pen! I added some sparkle to the flower with glitter glue (Stickles) added a polka dot ribbon around the card base, attached my stamped piece and Voila!!

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blossoms... four ways - Part 2

This card is one of those ones that packs a little something extra! It not only folds on the diagonal, it folds with a vertical flap as well. If you want to try it out, all you need to do is take a square piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise and widthwise. Leave this piece folded from top to bottom. Now, to make the diagonal, just fold and secure down. If you have a card that is 5 by 5 when folded, you will want a strip of paper that is 9 by 4-1/2. Fold this in half so that you end up with a 4-1/2" square. This will be layered to the inside of your card, so that when you open the diagonal flap, you also open the card's flap. Layer some coordinating paper on the inside of this peice and that is your base! From here, stamp, embellish and you're done! This card was stamped with the same Hero Arts stamp using black and red marker.

Until tomorrow!

p.s. I might celebrate TGIF with a little candy to dole out! I just bought it today. It's fun. It's Christmas! Make sure to check back!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Blossoms....four ways - Part 1

Thought I'd have some fun this week showing you cards---made with the same stamp! This one will kick off the week! I stamped most of the flower onto a white piece of card stock so that the flower portion went off the page. Then, I stamped the flower onto a scrap piece of paper, cut it out, and attached it over the base of the stem so that you have a 3-D kind of image on your card. This card was colored with watercolor pencils and then accented with Crystal Lacquer. I also used the little dots peg stamp by Stamps By Judith to accent the area around the flowers and then again in Versamark ink on the base of the card. I added some chalk to give the card some depth as well. I added the "You make me smile" stamp from Hero Arts. From here, you mat and you are done!

Enjoy.. part two coming tomorrow!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Book 'Em

Hello all!
When I showcased a bookmark card last, I stumbled upon on an old bookmark I did using a fun acetate technique using Duo glue and Pearl Ex. It's similar to the shimmery window that I used on the Thomas Kinkade card a few weeks back. What I did here was layer papers to create a book mark. Then, I used gold ink and a background stamp on the base of the book mark. I stamped the sea shells on a piece of acetate using Staz On ink. You can also stamp a whole bunch of images on a white piece of paper and take it to your copy shop to have them print it on acetate/overhead projector sheets there. You need a copier that uses toner or else all your printing will come off as soon as you use any kind of liquid put on it all. I "painted" the image with Duo glue, waited until it dried to clear and then painted Pearl Ex on these images in different colors. I love how it really makes the image look like an opalescent shell. I cut out my images and just stuck them on my book mark using regular old double stick tape! Add a tassel and you're done!

Until tomorrow!