Monday, November 26, 2007

Just in CASE you wondered!!!

Ok, this is a story about a CASE-ing project gone awry. I have loved a card that my stampin' sister Penny did a while back and thought I would try to recreate it in my own little way. You can check out Penny's card here! If you click on the link, you can see why I would want to create something like this! If you look at my card, you can see how my A.D.D. brain works. If you don't see my train of thought with this one, don't worry, I don't even understand my train of thought most of the time!

Since I didn't want to emboss, I pulled out my Brilliance ink pads in Sky Blue and Platinum Planet and stamped all the snowflakes (Inkdadinkado) all over the light blue mat. After I stamped it, I thought, Ok, that didn't look like Penny's. It's actually kind of ugly. What now? I thought, maybe if I stamp that little snowflake, punch it out and add some bling, maybe that will be better. Should I mat it on the snowflake mat piece? NO! ICK! ERASE! EJECT! Ok. What now? I thought, Maybe I should punch out another larger circle from the stamped snowflake piece and mat this little snowflake on top? When I tried that, it was terrible--BUT-- out of the corner of my eye, I spotted that mat piece again and said, Hhhhmmmm. What if? Ok, now you can probably follow the card from here! Aren't happy accidents grand? Although, many of you reading this probably never have happy accidents. Your creations are done with purpose and beauty 100% of the time. Right? :-)

Off for now... Happy Monday!


Joan B said...

Your description of your creative process had me chuckling!! Sounds familiar. What a lovely card you made. Gorgeous!! TFS

Penny said...

Hee-hee! That's me all over, start with a stamp and an idea and end up somewhere entirely different LOL!

Anyway, I'm very flattered that my card was an inspiration to you - thank-you! :)

mrsmiley6 said...

Very cute snowflake card. That cut and scallop effect is very nice. Pat

Laura said...

Great take on a great card! I love to see what you guys create.

dd2njoy said...

Looks wonderful,those snowflakes are so pretty!!!

Aunt T said...

Very pretty. I love the softness of this card. Great job.