Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Clear Answer!

Ok, Donna emailed and posted a comment yesterday saying she heard that Staz-On and Palette Hybrids were ok. Well, I emailed Stewart Superior - one of the largest manufacturers of clear polymer stamps and here's what the company had to say. I am so glad I emailed! The company really set the record straight!!!

The Response

Hi Julie,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your question on inks and clear stamps.

There are several types of clear stamps out there - vinyl, silicone and photopolymer. Photopolymer is the top of the line material - as it provides the best ink transfer and image quality and durability. That is the material we use for manufacturing clear stamps.

So I can give you the details on inks for photopolymer but I don't have much data on the silicone or vinyl since we don't work with those materials.

First off, you have absolutely no worries with using Palette Hybrids. The hybrids are the latest in ink technology where they provide the same features as a solvent ink without the problems. The Palette Hybrids work on all surfaces but must be heat set on glossy surfaces and fabrics. They do this while also being non-solvent, non-hazardous, non-flammable, fade-resistant and archival. The hybrids can be used on any stamp rubber or clear and you never have to worry about them damaging the stamp.

Staz-On is a solvent based ink. It's toxic and flammable and dries out quickly. You may use solvent based inks on a clear stamp if you clean the ink off immediately. You do not want to use a solvent based cleaner on clear stamps. The best cleaner on the market for all stamps clear or rubber is Ultra Clean. Solvent will attack the photopolymer if left in contact with it for an extended period.

So to sum up - you can use solvent based inks - if you clean them immediately. And you must not use a solvent based cleaner. Ultra Clean is the cleaner to use. However, you get the same benefits of solvent ink - with the Palette Hybrids without the problems, and you have a much larger color selection.

Memories and the Palette Hybrids work magnificently with both clear and rubber stamps and you have the benefit of knowing that they won't harm your stamps. If you use another inpad and you're unsure if it's solvent or not - then just be sure to clean it quickly after use.

Hope this helps and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Best regards,

Andre Cox
Marketing Director
Stewart Superior Corp.


Denise G said...

Thank YOU! Very good to know and of course, now I will have to look at the Palette Hybrid inks as I don't own a one. Will I ever not "need" something new?

Jackie said...

Thank you for posting that! I work at my LSS and people are always asking about StazOn, now we can tell them.

Donna said...

Thanks so much for checking further. I wipe Stazon off the second I have finished stamping and I looooove the Pallette inks and could not bear to quit using those! It is good news. I use Ultra Clean and love the stuff! Thanks again for checking it out!

Becky (hemidemisemiquaver) said...

WOW!! Very interesting...I didn't think it mattered! I always use stazon and never clean it! UGH!!! Something to think about. LOVE your blog!!!

Kerry said...

Thanks for getting the skinny straight from Stewart Superior. This clears up a lot of the confusion I had.