Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You Know You're In Trouble When......

This isn't a Jeff Foxworthy joke... You know you're in trouble WHEN Christmas decorations start sprouting up and you have no where near enough Christmas cards to send. This is where you plug your ears to prevent hearing me scream.

Ok, it's safe now.

I managed to create this little simple snow guy during my 4-year-old's nap today! It was a quick card that, if need be, could be made en masse - in a hurry. The snow guy is from a clear set from Inkadinkado. I stamped him using a black Versafine ink pad. I had no idea until recently that you could use this ink on clear stamps. It creates an awesome permanent image that works really well for coloring with clear stamps. Ancient page is my fave for red rubber but we all know what happens when that ink touches polymer---NOT GOOD! I colored the snow guy with watercolor pencils, added some pizazz with my new Copic Spica Glitter Pens on his buttons and hat(totally cool pens that are by far the best glitter pens my hands have ever touched! I wish you could see the sparkle--it didn't photograph well!). I matted the snow guy on red card stock, added some bling and a bow and voila... nearly done! The card was accented with the snowflake in this set by stamping it with Versamark ink.

Yeah! Only a few dozen more to go! Egg Nog anyone?


Ann said...

Cute card -- I hope this snowman is used next week??!

I have a question: do you mail cards with bumpy bows like this? Do you have to pay extra under the new postal regs?

Julie Koerber said...

Yes Ann... This is one of the cards for next week! As for the mailing question, yes, I do mail cards like this with bumpy bows. I have no idea if I have to pay extra. The mail man never said it was a problem! I should check into it before next week's class!

Kerry said...

Beside some wonderful inspiration, I always learn so much from reading blogs.

So what does happen when ancient page touches polymer?!?!?! I've been asking lots of questions about stazon and polymer (and everyone seems to disagree about whether it's ok or bad to use). But I hadn't heard about ancient page being an issue. What makes ancient page caustic to polymer? Thank heavens I haven't used any on my polymer stamps.


Aunt T said...

Adorable snowman - I love snowmen :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I love your blog. I will be back to visit often :)