Thursday, February 14, 2008

The dirty truth!

Warning: The first part of this post is a dirty shame. It is not for the faint of heart and might just terrify small children........

Over the past few months, I have gotten QUITE a bit of grief over my stamp room pics and how clean my space is. I'm sure it's all in good fun. I even had a lady (very sweet woman) at Jo Ann's say, "I just can't believe how clean your stamp room is!" Another, actually called it disgusting! Yes. Disgusting! Well, these photos should tell you the dirty truth about me. When I am on a crafting binge as I call it. You can't find a darn thing. My son has affectionately called it the tornado room at times because it looks like an F5 hit---only in that 8 by 10 foot space! Look closely in the pics and you'll see piles of stamps, markers, yesterday's diet coke, punches, paper scraps, ribbon on the floor, sewing machine just lying about, no place to sit, boxes stacked. Ok, now do you believe me that I am not a neat freak!!!! :-)

Here's some more proof!!!

Ok... moving on. I have to say a huge thanks to my bud Janine who honored me with the "This Blog Is Rated E for Excellent!" You're the best! If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. She always has the greatest ideas and she is off the charts thoughtful. Janine, I think you deserve the award--right back at ya! So consider yourself re-awarded!! (Someone beat me to the punch!)

I have to say, I have had such a blast these last few months getting to know the people that stop here daily. You all bring smiles to my life! I might create another award for that and start handing it out! :-)

A Little Sweetness For Valentine's Day!

Now.. for a creation! I made this little cupcake cup using the Cricut (tags, bags, and boxes cartridge, nut cup container) and then embellishing it with my Wizard circles and scallops. The stamps are from a Hero Arts clear set called "Cupcakes" and I colored them with watercolor pencils and added bunches of Stickles glitter in red and crystal colors. I used the Cricut at my LSS but I would love to know what you think about this machine. Do you love it? Can't live with out it? Like it just so-so? Fill me in. I really liked this cartridge and am toying with the idea of adding it to my craft room. It will never replace my Wizard, but, might be fun every now and then!

Well my friends, have a wonderful Thursday!
Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. Edited to Add:
Get this - my bloggin' bud Asela created some special images just for today that you can print and play with. They are DARLING! How incredibly thoughtful is that? I told her, isn't it just my luck that my printer ink is out???? I guess I really needed to go to the store anyway! Check out the images HERE.
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