Monday, May 4, 2009

White Wedding....

Hi all! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! It feels like spring has finally sprung! And.... with spring comes weddings! My hubby's cousin is going get married here soon so, I spent some time making a white on white wedding card. FYI: These are not the easiest cards to take a photo of!

I used white paper, silver pearl embossing powder, and pearl striped paper. The stamps are from Inky Antics and are pretty old! Actually these are some of the first stamps I bought when I started stamping 10 years ago! The saying is a stamp called Love is a Canvas and the leaf is called Leafy Stem.

To make the card, I stamped and embossed the saying with the silver pearl powder and then started making a frame around it by embossing the leaves around it. After I made the frame, I stamped the leaves on a piece of scrap and embossed them as well, so that I could cut them out and layer them over my original frame. The little pop up circles are actually just pieces of pearl paper that I punched with a 1/8" hole punch. They were popped up by putting them on a piece of foam paper and molding them with a fine tip stylus. After I assembled, I punched a heart out of the pinstripe pearl paper and put it at the top center of my frame. Now, in order to get my leaves to pop up just right, I did use silicone glue instead of foam tape. That way, I could situate the leaves and let them dry at the different angles.

EDITED TO ADD: Shirley asked this question: "Could you please explain a bit more about how you curved the leaves and how to use the silicone glue? Do you curve the leaf and then just put a dot of glue at the tip? Or is the glue what is pushing up the high part of the leaf?"

Shirley, I use a tool that is a paper sculpting tool. I tried to find it on line but couldn't! It's that old! It is a plastic tool with a curved end. You can also use a metal baby spoon and holding the leaves in your hand run (with some pressure) the spoon over the leaf. This will mold and curve the leaves. After that, use some silicone glue or E6000 (type of glue) and situate the glue on different parts of the leaf to angle them in different ways. The neat thing about using silicone glue is - it is pretty dense. So, if you create a glob on the back, it will stay that glob until you push and situate it on your paper. Leave it overnight and your leaves will stay exactly as you positioned them! Hope this answers your question Shirley!

Here's a close up!
It's a good thing I don't have to mail this card - I am afraid even bubble wrap would smoosh it! It was a fun card to make though. This could be a nice anniversary card as well!

Hope you have a great start to your week! See you back here soon!

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