Monday, August 10, 2009

just me and my camera phone....

Hey all! Hope you had a smashing good weekend! I did! In fact, I have nothing new to show you.... only a bit of fun and a celebrity sighting!

I guess my family and I were just itching for fun this weekend because - it started here....
And the Magic City Blues Fest. Hubby and I got to listen to some good music and have some fun together. Everyone who knows me --- KNOWS-- date night, unfortunately, is a rare event. So, this was fun!

Then, we went and watched pigs fly! We went to the Pig Races at the Bearcreek Saloon. It's a small, blink your eye and miss it kind of town where this is really all there is. It's the best kind of fun if you ask me! All the money from the races go toward scholarships, which is so nice.

Here's my DD taking in the fun....her pig came in second unfortunately.... Here's DS and DH literally talking smack about the races. Really? Can you talk smack at a pig race where there is absolutely no way to predict which pig is the most hungry and is running literally for alfalfa? Hhhhhmmmm... that man gene is a powerful thing!
And, now for the celebrity sighting. It was so odd being in the middle of no where to see Laura Innes. Remember her? She was Dr. Kerry Weaver on E.R. It was hysterical, I was walking by her and you know that -- 'I know I know you' kind of feeling? Well, I saw her and then it hit me. An hour passed and before you knew it the bar was in a buzz with folks whispering and saying... hey, is that HER? It's funny how little depth perception folks have when they are yelling at the person across the table! ;-)

So, I pretended to be texting someone and snapped this photo!!! LOL!!
Well my friends, the paper has been flying in my craft room but I can't show you anything new yet! We have Flourishes August release coming up Wednesday, and then I have some other big projects I am trying to juggle too.... so... check back Wednesday! I'll have some fun things to share then!

Take care!

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