Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fun little project!

I don't know about you but there are times when I seriously think I might need a 12-step program for Pinterest. I look for recipes. I look for craft ideas. I look for home inspiration. I just... well... look! But, not too long ago, I found a really fun idea. Want to see?

I just loved that this lady used tension rods and fabric to add splashes of color and hide what was on the shelves! Isn't this cute?

You can see more HERE.

While my craft room isn't as bold as that, I thought I could take some fabric and spruce up my room a bit. If you want to see the "Before" you can just click HERE   and see what I've done over the years. Keep in mind, this is not an earth shattering update, but just a little post on what a few bucks and some fabric can do!   Jo-Ann Fabrics recently moved to a new location here in town and so I managed to get the fabric dirt cheap. It was funny the lady said -- that's 30% off and then today you get an additional 50% off the 30%. Huh? I smiled and said.. OK! 

So, here's my take on the Pinterest Inspiration!

I measured out the insides of my shelves and multiplied it by 1-1/2 and that's the amount of fabric I used to create my little shelf curtains. I added a border of black and then stitched on some 2" satin ribbon for a little something extra. 

This is the other bookshelf. 

And you can see... this is what is underneath. It's not unruly or anything. I just really liked how the curtains almost make the room a little more "feminine." You know? Each of these bins has a different stamp set theme i.e. florals, celebrations, Christmas, sentiments, etc. 

And then, with some extra I bought, I covered two canvases to bring some pop on the wall. 

And there you have it -- one more way that Pinterest inspired my life. I just remembered that I need to grocery shopping today. Wonder if there's a recipe I can be inspired by? See... I told you I had an addiction! Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by! 

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