Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time for a change.....

Hello all! I'll be honest. This post was one of the hardest posts that I have ever had to write. So bear with me!

My journey with Flourishes began in May of 2008 when Sharon Johnson emailed me and asked if I would like to join a one of a kind design team. First of all -- it was THE Sharon Johnson asking ME if I wanted to join a design team! I was giddy! Then, she shared the names of the women who would be joining me -- Leslie Miller, Susan Roberts, Linda Duke, Latisha Yoast and Barb Schram. OH MY! Did I really belong there? Once I got over my shock, I couldn't wait for the package of new stamps to arrive so that I could play. Like everything I love in life, I dove right in.

These were a few of my favorite first cards!

Isn't it funny how our styles evolve over the years? I think I've changed a lot in 5-1/2 years! 

Literally 600 posts later, yes, I reached my 600th post this week, I am deciding to change gears, take a step back and resign my post. What many don't know is that while I am a designer, I also have worked hard for Flourishes behind the scenes as well. I am so very grateful for all the opportunities that Jan Marie -- the owner of Flourishes - has given me. She had incredible confidence in my abilities and gave me unprecedented access to her company. I learned so much. I learned the ins and outs of helping to run a company. It was exciting. I had the chance to work with the artists. I had the chance to order inventory. I had the chance to organize an incredible group of designers. It was, in many ways, a dream. Over time, as Flourishes grew, so did my responsibilities. While I always put my best foot forward, I realized that with every work day, it meant less time for my family. As 2013 came to a close, I realized I needed to reclaim my family life. I needed to spend time with them instead of worrying about glitches with the company website or worrying about blog posts or customer emails or coupon codes for the latest sale. I decided that this company that I spent so much time trying to help build needed to move on without me. It was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. I feared that I would lose my "sisters" at Flourishes (that's the entire Flourishes Design Team) and that I would forever grieve the loss of working with amazing artists like Marcella Hawley. Thank goodness they all assured me that I am stuck with them for life. I am so blessed!!! While I will be posting through February to help Flourishes promote its sale, I'm working only as a designer. My last day with the company in a marketing role is this Friday. After five years, it will be strange, but I am really looking forward to more free time.  

There's a saying that goes a little something like this -- For every door that closes another one opens. While I am not jumping into anything serious right now and will love having more time with my family, I will say I am looking forward to some new opportunities. I can't share everything now but trust me -- you are going to want to stay tuned! ;-)

Before I go, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Flourishes cards of all time! This is a recent one which uses the set Flowers for Jan.

This one uses the set Friendship and Flowers and a set I designed called So Distressed!

This one uses the set Spring Blossoms!

I had a blast coloring this creation using the Apple of my Eye set....

This one uses the set Falling Leaves....

This next card is Tokens of Affection. It's a concept design I wanted for my kids! My husband -- ever since we were first married used to sing that song, "I'm just a love machine..." It would make me crack up every time. And so, Marcy and I dreamt up this cute as can be robot. There's another image in the set that's a love tank. I wanted that image because I always tell my kids that they need to give me a hug to fill up my "love tank!" This set is super special to me!

I really had fun water coloring this image from the Berry Sweet stamp set...

And last but not least, the set Humming Along.  I urged Marcy to create a hummingbird set because these tiny and beautiful birds are my mom's favorite. I wanted a set she could use and color to her heart's content. After my dad passed away, a little hummingbird would visit and fly near her window and just flutter. My mom was convinced that it was a message from my dad letting her know he was okay. This set is beautiful to me in so many ways!

Thank you for stopping by today, for bearing with me as I penned this long post and for always sharing your wonderful words of encouragement. I love all my friends in blog land and I count YOU among my blessings!


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