Friday, August 21, 2015

Let's Repurpose!

Hi folks! Hope your week is ending on a high note! I have just a short lil post today because, I'll be honest, I'm not feeling so hot this week. I am not sure if you follow the news but the entire northwest seems to be on fire these days and this was our sky Thursday night. Cloudless sky with sun and nothing but smoke getting in the way of it shining.....

So sad...... if you're the praying type, let's pray this ends and soon. I can't imagine being a firefighter fighting on the front lines or the property owner who's land is scorched or in jeopardy. :-(

Moving on! Way back in January, I posted THIS tutorial showcasing how you can use digital stamps to create custom calendars that are one of a kind month in and month out! This was a peek at my January calendar featuring Power Poppy's digital stamp Winter Pick-Me-Up....

After I was done using these calendars for the month, I wondered what I could do to repurpose them? I didn't want to just throw each page away! So, I grabbed my paper cutter and decided to trim up the outer portion, like so!

Before I knew it I had matted it up, added some decorative paper, a sentiment from the Good Thinking: Renewal Set, which I thought was perfect for this image. I added some cotton lace and.. ta da! A colored up image that got double duty!

Here's a close up of the image to show off the little sparkle that I had added on the pussy willows....

I was glad that I thought to re-use these colored up blossoms. No use putting this in the "circular file" when you can find joy in an image all over again! And that, my friends is it! 

Speaking of joy, it's time to hand things over to my Bloom Brigade sisters! They've got some craftiness to share and I know they would love it if you stopped by to say hi! 

Thanks for spending a little of your day with me! I hope your day is blessed!


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