Thursday, May 8, 2008

Make It Stick!

Hi all! I bought these stickers a while back and thought they were so cute. Mix them up with some matching textured card stock, ribbon and rhinestones and you can make a fun little girlfriend gift in less than an hour!

These cards pretty much all follow the same "formula" I took a 2" square punch and punched out a window in all of them at the top of my mat and then made a second square a bit smaller so that I could "pop" it out of that punched window with some foam tape. Then, each one was embellished a bit differently. As you can see with this card below, I used a rectangle punch to add some ribbon threaded through with a slip knot. I also added bling to the centers of the sticker flowers.

This card below was embellished with a matching sticker flower that is kind of three dimensional. The window was accented with some matching patterned paper behind and a polka dot grosgrain ribbon accented with a ribbon slide.
This last card was done by adding some rhinestones, and some brown grosgrain ribbon in a knot adhered to the back of my card mat.
Easy peasy! I thought it was fun to take a break from stamping to create some cute and quick cards! Sometimes you just need quick and easy!!

Today my daughter has a singing program at her preschool. I'm sure I will be choking back the laughter. Those spunky little kids just make my heart light! Hope you have a bright spot waiting for you in your day! Happy Thursday!


Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.~ George Bernard Shaw
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