Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Party Is Tonight!

Ok... Just gotta say Blog Land Is Grand! I woke up yesterday feeling kind of "off." It was gray outside. I had no ambition. Didn't feel the love if you know what I mean. Then.... Deb made me laugh. Cheryl honored me. Janine sent me goodies via snail mail. (Click on the link to see what beautiful things she sent-- I don't feel worthy!) And Denise (who shall remain blogless for now) sent me an email that made me chuckle. How did you all know that I needed a little pick me up! For the rest of the gang that checks in on me here. You have NO idea just how much your comments make me smile --- keep 'em coming my friends! I love our daily chats!!

Ok, I'm going to "tease" you a bit more! Tonight's the release party for Gina K's new sets! FUN! Click HERE for the link to the preview party -- it starts at 7PM Central time and the fun will keep on going until 10PM Central!

Wanna see what I've got cooking for the release???

How's that for a tease! You'll just have to come hang out with us for more fun, card designs, games, challenges and contests! Don't forget to check out Gina's blog for a few more sneak peaks! I don't know how she does it! Runs a company, handles production, has a retail store and still has time to stamp!! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!
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