Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some News.... and Graduation Time Cards!

You want the news? Or the Grad cards first. Oh.... the news you say??? Great! LOL!

Well, First, I got an email from Paula Pascual who runs this blog - Crafty Storage - and she profiled my stamp room!! I have to admit I was a bit taken back. My stamp room?? I mean, I love my little space but it's just that -- a little space. Basically, it's a closet and a desk! I was honored! If you click on "Crafty Storage," there's a link. There are some real Cadillac stamp rooms on her blog! Like THIS one. Holy Cow -- can you imagine???? Or even THIS one.... Ok, that one is only in my dreams and maybe not even then!! Ok.... let's move on!!!

Wanna hear some fun news? One of my cards made it into Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine.... and I didn't even know it! I got a congratulations and I actually said, "huh? Really?" HA! So, I went and got and it low and behold - there is one of my Valentine Martini cards!! It was this one.... FUN stuff!

Now... to a card! Finally! My two twin nephews graduate this weekend and I had to make some kind of "masculine" grad cards. I had these images from Paper Inspirations for a while! So, thankfully, I got to use them!
This first card is super duper easy. I used the Success Background from Paper Inspirations and just stamped it with Versamark ink and embossed it in silver on a piece of grey textured paper. I matted this onto a piece of silver paper that is 1/8" larger. The Mortar Board was stamped on white with black ink and then double matted onto black (1/8" larger) and then silver. It's a 5-1/2" by 5-1/2" card.

This next card I did as a money holder card. I tried to find a template that was like a card and the only thing I found was a website that helped you make your own card with printed images on it. Well, I actually ran through this program, printed it, and used it as a template for my card! THIS is the site if you want to try the same thing! I used silver Stardream paper, and stamped the success background stamp all over my template with Versamark ink. I love how subtle this effect is! I wasn't sure it would show up on metallic paper -- but it did! On the inside, I stamped the Graduation Sentiment (sorry, couldn't find a link to this one! It's also Paper Inspirations) It says, "Graduate, may you find great joy and success as you pursue the dreams of your future."

Well.... off for now! Before I go, I want to say thanks to my bud Jacki who gave me an award the other day-- the Arte Y Pico award for artful bloggers. Click HERE to read her blog. She rocks. She's a designer for the Hero Arts Website and I just love her style! Thanks Jacki!

Ok, this was just one big Julie fest wasn't it? Well - my friends, if I can't tell you some fun things -- who on God's green earth can I tell (other than my mom and hubby)?? Gotta celebrate with someone-- right?

Have a fab Thursday! It's almost time for Sharon's Stamp Simply Challenge-- let's just say if you like drama--- this challenge will be right up your alley! :-) See ya then!

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