Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's your birthday-- party on amigo!

Ok folks... this is how my morning went. I am just waking up- you know me without coffee --- not good -- when my daughter literally jumps out from behind a corner and starts singing happy birthday to me. It was like she was stalking me! LOL! And then, she says -- "Want to read my card mom? It's really funny. It's about weiner dogs!" Then she starts giggling uncontrollably. Well, with one eye open and now a cup of coffee in my hand, I say - "Ok honey. That sounds fun." Well, my husband is now on to us and says - "Are you going to open your card because if you are- I am not going anywhere!" I look at him with the expression of "huh?" She hands me the envelope and I stop to check out all the smiley faces and hearts she drew all over the envelope. When I open it up - there is a chihuahua on the front of the card- in a sombero with the words "Enjoy your birthday Amigo...." Open it up and you see the dog with a whole mess of tequila and it says, "If you know what I mean!" That's not the funniest part - when you open the card, the song "Tequilla" plays! OH MY! Now, my daughter is dancing all over the room and my husband is laughing his butt off. While cracking up myself, I look at him like - What the heck were you thinkin'? He says, "She doesn't even know what it says -- she thought the dog was cute!" HA! Oh, my family. I tell you!

So, my friends -- that's all I've got today! I'll be back late tonight with a peek at Sharon's Stamp Simply Challenge! Until then....... Have a good one!
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