Friday, April 24, 2009

Flourishes Focus.... Flower Soft!

Hi all! You've likely seen that fluffy colorful stuff called Flower Soft popping up on cardmaking blogs recently. But, have you tried it? If you haven't and needed a how-to before you dive in, then you will have to check out the Flourishes Newsletter this week as Cindy Lawrence gives us all a fabulous tutorial! Just click HERE!!

As Cindy was putting together her tutorial, she challenged the rest of the Flourishes DT to try their hand at it too! I remember when we first got this product in the store. The "Flourishes" all sent us a little to play with and in the note, one of the owners (I won't say who) warned us -- don't try this technique if you have a moving ceiling fan in the room! I got a laugh out of that -- but it's true. Flower Soft is a light and fluffy way to add texture!

So.... here's my card!

I knew I wanted to use the new Swing Set and I wanted to keep it simple. I stamped my image colored it, paper pieced it with this darling Jenni Bowlin paper and then grabbed my Flower Soft glue. At that point, I just pressed some of the Shamrock Green Flower Soft into my tree! Just a simple way to add a pop of texture and color.

Here's a close up! See the clouds in the background? I used an old template I had and just sponged in some ink. But, if you don't have a template, cut some reverse cloud shapes into a piece of text weight paper and use that as a mask!

You'll have to make the rounds to the rest of the Flourishes Senior Design Team! As you'll see with each hop, there are so many ways to use Flower Soft. You can get pretty creative with it.... or you can grab it like I did for a simple pop of texture!

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