Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A stamp + a little paint = a fun project!

Hi all! Hope your week is off to a great start! I'm going to kick things off here with a fun project that now is sitting in my daughter's bedroom as a reminder of her as a babe with her Nana!

All you need is a unfinished wood frame (I bought mine for $1 at Michael's), some StazOn ink, one of your favorite stamps, some acrylic paint, a fine and a fine line black permanent paint.

To start, I gave my frame a white wash by just sponging on some watered down white acrylic paint. After it dried, I took my Sweet Pea set from Flourishes and stamped it in both corners with StazOn ink. Just like so! (Those angel babies were in the frame when I bought it! ;-)

Here's a close up....
And these are the colors of paint that I picked - two shades of green, two shades of pink and some white....(they are all "well loved" bottles of paint!)
Then, I started to paint with a fine tip paint brush, making sure to darken the areas I wanted shadows and lightening highlighted areas with dabs of white.
While the look above is "OK," I knew I wanted to see the definition in my flowers. So, I grabbed a permanent file line black pen and started to outline the stamped image - like this....
Now I was in a quandary because I thought it didn't look soft enough! So, I let the permanent black pen ink dry and then I took my white wash paint (watered down paint) and I took a foam sponge and sponged the white wash over my entire frame. When this was done, I took a large dry brush and dipped it a bit into ivory paint and added some antique streaks. Its a great way to get a hand painted look without being an artist!! :-)
When it was done it looked like this....
I just love that picture of Ellie and her Nana! So did Ellie and now it sits on her shelf in her room.
Hope you enjoyed this little project. Like I said - all you need is a fun stamp, some paint, a picture frame.... and an afternoon!
Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you back here soon!
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