Monday, November 2, 2009

Look what happens....

.... when you can't make up your mind! Honestly, I have never had such a moment in my stamp room where I create a card, rip it apart, do it again, rip it apart, do it again, rip it apart. My husband just heard me swear under my breath (his office is next to my stamp room) and I think, scratch that, I KNOW, he thought I was nuts.

So, want to take a crazy journey with me? It all started when I took a little scrap of Flourishes Classic White paper, embossed some beautiful leaves on it with gold detail powder and started to color away with my Copics. (I used a mix of Spring Green, Evergreen, and Tigerlily Collections from Flourishes) I added in some rust satin ribbon, some decorative paper and some bling and..... this is what I came up with....
I liked it.... but I didn't love it. Was the ribbon too distracting? Not sure! Let's rip it off and see. Oh, the bling could move to cover that space left by the ribbon.
Is that too plain? Hhhhhhmmmm... I think it is! But, how can I jazz up the sentiment? I know -- I'll stamp it on a piece of white and pop it up. And, I think I need to bring that snipet of ribbon back..... Let's forget the bling. I need a little gold pearl instead I think.
Maybe I don't even like the vertical card. Maybe I need it to be horizontal. Do I just turn this card on it's head, quite literally? I think the answer is yes. After all that, I decided I didn't like my decorative paper. I grabbed my purse and said, "Well this card might not be saved, but that won't stop me from shopping for paper!" And, off I went. I am happy to report, I found some new paper that called my name and helped me forget all about my little psycho stamping moment. Ahhhhh....... that's why I love this craft!

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