Monday, May 26, 2014

A Sweet Smelling Sneak!

Hello everyone! It's almost time to kick off a new crop of fabulous Power Poppy goodness!  Tomorrow kicks off day one of Power Poppy's new release for June! And the sneak I am showing off today happens to be my favorite set of the bunch!  

Can you smell the lavender just looking at this little snippet? Ohhhhh.... I wish you could! I love the scent! So relaxing!! Okay, enough about that --- there's little doubt the Bloom Brigade is ramping up the creativity. So, get ready for four days of intense fun with eye-popping, jaw-dropping, color infused fun! So I'll see you all back here tomorrow as we launch some Power Poppy fun! 


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Bridget said...

Oh, I can tell I'm going to LOVE the lavender - GORGEOUS already!

Liz Williams said...

It only takes a peek, and wow, the excitement has started. Looking forward to these new sets and of course, the great work of the DT.