Friday, February 6, 2015

The SKY is the Limit!

Ever long for that dash of design power or splash of creative spark? Well, I sure do! Let's face it, we can’t be creative geniuses 100% of the time, can we? ;-) That’s why TODAY I am helping Power Poppy to kick off a whole new way to get that mojo a flowing for your creative pursuits!

Let me introduce you to the....

Each month, Power Poppy will usher in a new designer-led challenge and you have all month long to submit cards, chat it up with the Power Poppy designers and get YOUR chance to win a Power Poppy stamp set of your choice! Click on over HERE the first Friday of each month and you’ll see what this fun-filled journey is all about!

So, in the graphic above, you'll see a little photo that I took out my front door last week is the focus of my challenge this month!

HOW TO PLAY: Our VERY FIRST challenge is all about being inspired by the lush and radiant colors that our atomosphere offers us each and every day! The good news is, you have all February to take on this challenge, so look to the skies and snap a picture of a beautiful sunrise, a grand blue cloudless sky or a heart-stopping sunset! Then, be inspired! Please feel free to share your sky photo in your blog or gallery post -- we'd love to see! Feel free to click HERE to the Power Poppy blog for all the official rules!

On to my creation! 

You can see I took a pretty literal translation of the little photo I snapped off in the sky above my home. I loved the way it transitioned from orange to blue and while I didn't add a little spot for the moon, I decided to add some sparkle to give that effect thanks to rhinestones and sequins!

I started by stamping the Thanks so Much onto white card stock with Versamark Ink and embossing with white detail embossing powder.....

Then, I ripped some Post-It Notes to mask off the sides before I sponged on some ink to give it that uneven edge.

When it came time to sponge ink, I reached for a SUPER OLD duo of ink pads. Remember these?

That's right -- Kaleidacolor Ink Pads. Gosh, I think these were one of my first purchases when I first started stamping 14 years ago. Would you believe that these are STILL inky? Not even a bit died out. I was amazed. Anyway, I used a sponge and added a bit of color until the colors had blended just the way I wanted them. I carried the orange up into the blue a bit more to mimic my sky. And... that, my friends, is about it! I have to say, I LOVE the Big Scripts sentiment! Because these senties are so large and in charge, THEY are the focal point and I love that -- especially when you need a card in a jiffy!

I do have a confession to make about this challenge and this card. Lately, I am OBSESSED with the sky. Actually, it's because of one of my other hobbies... knitting! My local yarn shop is hosting a knit a long that is so uber cool. It's called the Sky Shawl and after grabbing up delightful yarns in colors that can be found in the sky, you journal the colors you see each day and knit two rows in the yarn that's the closest match. Yes, this is a year-long project showcasing the skies over your home town. I have a little journal and I have 7 shades of alpaca lace yarn. Isn't this yarn delish? I picked most of the blues and then the peach and russet shades from the far left. Dreamy!

Here's a peek at my friend Becky modeling one of the finished shawls, I think it is so fun to think that the sky determines your color scheme!

Like I said... Dreamy! Okay, I'll stop now. I am sure you have places to go and people to see -- like the Bloom Brigade! The Bloomies have a bit of wonderfulness to show off this Friday!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you join me in the POWER & SPARK Challenge! Look to the skies and be inspired as you create! I will love seeing the skies that sit over your little corner of the world that inspire creativity in your stamp rooms! 

See you back here soon!


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Ann said...

Gorgeous photo, gorgeous card. I can't wait to see your shawl.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Julie, what a fun inspiration challenge, and I LOVE your colors! Yes, I have a couple of those ink pads too from WAY back...hehe! Beautiful technique using the Big Scripts. And, wow, I love your shawl...beautiful colors and beautifully made! Hugs!

Karen W said...

I love this challenge and the newest stamps and your creation is wonderful!!

ChristineCreations said...

It’s awesome how you were inspired and how you created this card’s so sharp. But I’m also dying to see how this shawl comes out too. So cool!

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Now this is fun and such a clever frame! Great idea Julie.

Tosha Leyendekker said...

What an awesome challenge Julie!! And what a gorgeous photo for inspiration! I too have some of those ink pads and now you've got me curious...gonna hafta check 'em out. I LOVE the knitting idea! What a fun idea with stunning results! You will have to share yours when it is finished! Love your emboss resist card with the Big Scripts! What a perfect way to showcase those fun sentiments!!

Maria A. said...

What a great technique Julie, the colors you chose are just gorgeous. I've never tried to do an embossed resist card but you just gave me the courage to try.
I love how you blended the colors, just like in your photo.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Leslie Miller said...

You did a fabulous job of matching that sky in your card! Beautiful colors. Your post is just full of color, in fact, and I do LOVE color! Julie, do you ever sleep? That shawl is amazing!