Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Best Wishes!

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! Got another super duper easy card for you today! Remember how I said that yesterday's card could be a part of a set? Well, this could be card #2 in my little collection of cards! I used more of the Scarlet's Letter collection from Basic Grey, and of course, the Spring Ephemerals set from Flourishes. I also used the same sentiments set - using the 'Best Wishes' from the Many Sentiments set. Why not? It was all there for me on my desk! I even used the ink pad thumping technique (Olive and Vintage Vivid! for leaves and Garnet for flowers) - remember - that's when you "thump" the different colors of ink directly on your stamp to color it instead of using a marker. I used my ticket corner punch on two opposing corners and added some hot fix nail heads (Kandi Kane corp.). Tie on some black sheer ribbon, mat it up and you're done! Ok, this is card #2. Will there be a card #3. It hasn't been born yet, but that doesn't mean it won't be! :-)

Before I go, a bit of a family folly for you! My daughter decided at age four that she was JUST TOO OLD for baths. She informed us all that showers were going to be her new bed time routine. As we got the water warmed up tonight, I heard tons of giggles as she waited to "jump in." My hubby helps with bath time and I must have missed the conversation about why it was so critical that she get rid of baths now. Well, hubby says laughing, "Ellie's going to be five soon and she said that she had to take showers now because she is still four and her brother started showers when he was five." What do you think she did as soon as she got out and got dressed. YEP, she ran down stairs and told her brother!! That's my girl! A competitive little spirit! Gotta love it!!

Hope you're all enjoying your week! It's hard to believe it's Wednesday already!!!

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