Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ok, put down everything in your hands! Do you have comfy shoes on? If not, ditch the shoes. Now jump up and down with me! Wow... isn't this fun!!! Why are we jumping?? OH! I should tell you! I made it to the top 5 of the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol competition!!! YIIIIIIPPPPEEE! I am seriously in disbelief. WOW!!!!! Pinch me. Wait, if you're still jumping, don't pinch me yet. Ok, now you can pinch me!!!

Thank you so much for being my cheerleaders, I've felt your "go get 'em" comments and I even felt a few {hugs!} So, thanks guys! YOU ROCK! So, my next challenge is to create a card with a silhouette by Monday at nine mountain standard! I'll fill you in on Monday on how to get to the gallery!

Whew. That felt good. Thanks for sharing this moment with me! ;-)
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