Monday, July 14, 2008

PC Gallery Idol-- Let the Voting Begin!!!

Ok folks! The voting for the "Scallops" round is up and HERE is the link! THIS IS NOT HOW YOU VOTE THOUGH. This is just to see the cards. HERE is a link to vote and information on voting! If you look in the gallery, my card is on page two!

EDITED TO ADD: I was just told that if you click on my card, there is a link under the title Description that says "Vote to make this your favorite" or something like that. You can click on that and it will also take you to the voting page! You might have to turn off your pop up blocker in order to vote. Those that have a blocker told me it kicks them off the voting site!

Thanks so much for all your kind emails and words of support! This has been a bit nervewracking!!! :-)

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