Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Power Of Suggestion....

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! Do you want to know what I haven't used a lot--- but should pick up more? Clear cardstock! Sharon Johnson challenged me to use some of the new Flourishes sets with clear cardstock to come up with a card. Well, you know me. I have a bit of a competitive spirit - so, I said ,"sure!"

I thought the new Stamp Simply Thank You set would work wonderfully for a quick and easy clear cardstock card. The only tricky part of this card is first, cutting the tulip (which wasn't hard) and second, lining up your matting. So, stick with me. I'll show you how I did it all!

But first, a trick for you! If you've ever seen the ribbon that they carry in the Flourishes store, you know, you don't want to waste an inch of it! This might be an old trick, but I thought it was worth sharing - you never know who might benefit from sharing a tip or two!

First, I measured a piece of burgundy satin ribbon so that I have just enough to wrap around the piece I want to highlight with a tied knot.

After I adhere the ribbon to the back of my layer, I use the ribbon still on the roll and tie a knot on this piece.
This is the result! and you know what? I cut the ribbon off the roll and have ZERO waste! Yeah! More ribbon for me! LOL! The next trick is layering up my clear cardstock card. Well, this is fun. If you layer it up with enough pieces, you won't see an ounce of tape!

Here's a look at the card again. The front layer is actually the ivory piece matted on the red with the cut tulip on it. The inside front is the green decorative paper that I stuck to the inside by putting tape on the front of my dp.

Here's a look at the inside, so it makes more sense. On the right hand side, you are actually looking at the back of my green dp. On the inside left, is my ivory mat that I edged with a gold leaf pen and put on my "Thank You" sentiment.

And, below is the back - I layered this on the back to serve as another mat and to hide the tape on the back of the ivory piece. When you close it all up. All of the pieces are designed to layer up perfectly! Another tip? adhere your largest layer first. It is a lot easier to align this piece on your clear cardstock. Then, everything else can be matted to fit within the largest layer! Want to check out what some of the other Flourish DT was up to? Check out Leslie, Susan, Sharon, Faith, Linda, and Sharon D. for some more tips and tricks!

Thanks for all the nice comments and emails about the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol competition. The voting continues until Thursday at noon Mountain Standard Time. If you haven't voted yet - keep in mind, voting for this round changed a bit. Instead of using the "LOVE THIS" button to vote, you need to click on the card, and below the card it says - Description: Click here to vote for your favorite. Once you click that, a screen will pop up with all the contestant's names. Click the name with the little "check" and then vote! Not hard, just a few more steps! You can click HERE to vote! I'll find out Friday if I'm still standing! :-)

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