Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Treat ... Treats!

Hi all! This is my favorite time of year! I love decking out the house with a spooky flair. I love getting the kiddos all geared up and -- eh-hem, shhhh, don't tell but.... I love candy. HA!

So, to get ready for the night of fright, my mom and I spent the afternoon in the craft room and the kitchen helping to cook up some treats for Cal and Ellie's class! We made suckers for Ellie --- and treat bags for Cal. Ellie's suckers were topped with a cute little matchbox style cover and Cal's treats just had a kind of bag topper. You have got to love those Stampin' Up wheel stamps! Made these projects easy peasy lemon squeezy! Add some color around the eyes with a white gel pen and wham bam... done!
Here's a close up of Ellie's sucker that is underneath the jacket. My mom and I just melted some Wilton's chocolate and put them in molds. What's fun is - I remember my mom doing this kind of thing for me when I was a kiddo. So, to have her here helping make treats was truly fun... and special!
Hope your week is going well and that you're getting in the spirit of all this fall fun! I'll be back late tomorrow with another Stamp Simply challenge!

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