Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've been tagged!

Hi all! Well, I've been tagged ---times three! First there was Karen aka KrB! Then came Dina and now Jerri Kay! All these ladies rock and are very talented-- so after you are done reading these 7 random things -- visit their fabulous blogs! Ok, first off, I have done this tag before so finding new things might be hard! If you REALLY want to know more about me you can read HERE or HERE! ;-)

Ok... HHHhhhmm.
1. I married the boy next door.
2. I have a Border Collie who is neuroitic named Maggie.
3. I like to play the piano by ear. Many moons ago, I taught myself the Moonlight Sonata.
4. I was honored, extremely off-the-charts honored to recieve the Angels in Adoption award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption. I even got a trip to Washington D.C. to accept the award. (I got the award for my work promoting adoption awareness)
5. I'm on YouTube! If you blink, you'll miss me. It's for an old news promo from when I was the Noon anchor. Click HERE to see.
6. I interviewed Walter Cronkite once while he was in Yellowstone National Park. I brought my family and we were in his suite setting up a camera for the chat. Well, while we were setting up lights and my camera guy was getting set, I looked over my shoulder and my then four year old was busy digging into the fruit basket the hotel left for Walter. OHHHH NOOOO! When I said, "What are you doing Calvin?" He looked at me with the most serious look and said, "I am eating Mr. Concrete's grapes!" I still laugh about that!
7. When we went scuba diving a few years back, I was busy looking at the beautiful fish swimming along the coral reef when I turned around - there was a baracuda -- looking me right in the eye. EEEK! I was a tad bit scared!!

That's it my friends. That's all I could think of!
Until tomorrow!


Shirley said...

You're having a wonderful live! Here's to the rest of it!

Anonymous said...

How interesting to read about you!

Diane said...

TFS your tagged comments,it's fun to get to know a little bit more about you. I'm sure you've met alot of important people in your career!The story with Walter and your son is funny!

Anonymous said...

wow! congratulations on number 4! when was this?
i loved/love DC.

your bestest dude:)

Elena said...

Thank you for sharing these facts with us! Your life is so interesting!

retiredheather said...

What an interesting life. Love the Concrete grapes.