Monday, October 6, 2008

A Shout Out To My Friend Lovely!

A couple months ago, I was grabbing some paper at my local scrapbook store when I bumped into someone that I hadn't seen in a while. It was a "sparkly" woman I met a few years back at a stamp camp. Isn't it strange when you start chatting with a virtual stranger but yet you feel like you've known her-- well--forever? This, my friends, is Lovely Cutler (yes, her name is really Lovely! And, she is!)

Well, we've stayed in touch. This past week when I stopped by the store for a visit, she told me about her new venture. She's an amateur photographer who is turning professional! If you met her, you'd understand why this is just the best idea in the world. I have never met a person who is so fascinated by shutter speed and aperture. She breathes it! So say hello to "Perpendicular Proofs!" That's her new business name!

Wanna see some of her work??? This is of her cutie pa-tootie daughter Gabby. She calls herself a natural light photographer because she will not use flash or artificial light -- only natural light.

And, this was a photo shoot she just did last weekend with a family. Isn't that the cutest thing-- ever??

Good luck Lovely! You rock!

By the way, if you live in the Billings area, you should give Lovely a try! In her words - she's just an aspiring photographer who is looking for an opportunity to play with her camera! Her rates are VERY reasonable and her work is pure art! Click HERE to visit her blog or, she said it was ok to share her email:

Thanks for sticking with me and letting me brag on a friend! You've gotta do that every now and then!


Elena said...

Julie, glad you had a chance to meet you friend! Her name is so beautiful as her work! I just saw her last post - the picture with a leaf... Very natural and simply beautiful! Lovely is very much talented! Thank you for sharing your story...

Lovely gd Cee said...

thanks for the good word, Ms. Julie! i'm excited and i'm happy that you're excited for me too. i really pray that people would try me, they are not gonna be disappointed. thanks again!

your fall cards... i wish i could stamp like you. they look like real wood.

Shirley said...

She sure is talented. Cute photos and thanks for sharing.