Friday, July 27, 2007

For The Love Of A Ladybug...

How can you know someone for several years and just find out they adore ladybugs?? They search for and collect ladybug paper and love to add ladybugs to their rubber stamp collection! Well, this is my friend, Karen. We took classes together for years... then, she decided to up and leave the Billings area to be closer to family in Sheridan, WY. Needless to say, I miss her! So, Karen, this one is for you!

FYI, Karen is just launching her own blog called (You can actually just click on Karen Lindsay on my list of inspirational websites and blogs!) No posts yet--she's in the middle of another move! But trust me, it will be worth the wait. She is a very creative woman!

Off for now!


KayellWY said...

I love it! Love those ladybugs. :)

Michele spelled MIchael said...

I love your cards. I got to your site from a link on my friend's blog (Laura Fulcher). Just feeling like it's a small world since I live in Bozeman and have family and in-laws in Sheridan, WY.