Saturday, July 7, 2007

Here Comes The Sunflowers!

It's funny how you can find inspiration for cardmaking.... right in your own backyard. There is this open field, right behind our home that is full of sunflowers. They are so vibrant and pretty that one night on our "family walk," I decided to bring a camera along just to capture a few. When I came home, I dug through some stamps and found this one right one top... one I just received from Impression Obsession! I love the rich golds and vibrant greens that you can take straight from the mother herself- Mother Nature! On this card, I simply used Prismacolor Pencils in varying shades of yellow, brown and green. I started with the lighter colors, added shading and then blended the colors with the lighter shades to meld it together. I love the wax base in these pencils because they are just so blendable! I always put a workable fixative spray on when I am done to bring some sheen and luster to the work when I am done. This also helps prevent a white film from forming on the wax as the card "ages." It is called "wax bloom." Don't ask me how this happens! :-)

Happy Saturday!

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Julie R said...

What beautiful pictures. Love the card. I never thought to spray my cards after using the Prisma pencils. I will have to do that. Thanks for the tip.