Monday, December 29, 2008

New Stamps For Sale!!!!

Hi all! See that little button on my blog that says Stamps For Sale? Well, I just spent the morning uploading about fifty stamps and sets! My loss is your gain--- all priced to sell!

I am working on a project as we speak and.... a challenge!!! So, check back!


Anonymous said...

Julie, hang a tag on To/From; Butterfly & Flowers; The Big One Is Coming; and Thanks a latte. I'll email you. Keep Looking Up!

Anonymous said...

By the way.. I love your new blog page. It is pretty.

Anonymous said...

I emailed your mom. I can't wait to hear back from her. This is going to be so neat.
thanks for letting us all help.

Chris said...

This sounds like so much fun. I will email your mom that I am in.