Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A fun little award with a cherry on top!

Hi all and Happy Wednesday! This morning when I opened up my email, I got this wonderful surprise from fellow stamper Diane Long. How fun is this? Thanks Diane! With the award, you're supposed to list three things about yourself. HHhhhmmmm.... I love to dance and often do it as I clean house to make that job less miserable. I think coloring should be part of a religion because there is nothing more peaceful and introspective than sitting down for some quiet time with a marker or pencil. I love playing Guitar Hero with my kids. There you have it... three kind of off the wall things about me. HA!

So, what bloggers do I think have a cherry on top? GOSH... there are too many to list! My blog roll is full of them! (That actually reminds me I have to update that and add a few more!)

I literally just randomly picked five for you to check out because..... let's face it... they are ALL awesome!

Susan Roberts
Amy Scheffer
Debbie Olson
Beate Johns
Barb Schram

So hop on through if you need some inspiration... these ladies won't disappoint! ;-) Thanks for stopping by and Thanks again Diane for the honor!

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