Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A little knitting diversion

JUST A NOTE: if you have any questions regarding this pattern, please feel free to email me at juliekoerber@gmail.com. This is an older post and I don't always see these new comments! :-)

Hey all! I have a fun little project to share that I call my less than 2 hour slippers. I was shopping the other day and found some bulky yarn on sale for $2.50 per skein and I thought -- I could make some slipper socks! I love, love, love slipper socks. I have I don't KNOW how many pairs and I usually try to make sure they are bright, fun colors to make my feet happy. I couldn't find a pattern that I really liked -- so I decided to "wing it!" and below -- I'm going to share my pattern with all of you!

Here's a photo of my finished slippers.... cozy as can be!
I had done a similar pair in a worsted weight and thought I could amend the pattern a bit. Well, because of gauge, I decided to wing it and start fresh! I wanted, instead of knitting a tube slipper and sew it up the center - I wanted to have some contouring to hug my feet. See?

And here, my friends, is the easy peasy pattern that creates a pair of slippers using bulky weight yarn in less than 2 hours! Mine took about an hour an a half with sewing!


  • 80 to 100 yards of bulky weight yarn - I used Lion Brand Hometown USA in Portland Wine
  • Size 11/8mm Knitting Needles
  • Large cable needle
  • Blunt-eyed needle for sewing when finished

9 stitches/12 rows per 4" by 4" square.

CF4 = slip 2 stitches to the front to cable needle, knit 2 off needles, knit 2 off cable needles
CB4 = slip 2 stitches to the back to cable needle, knit 2 off needles, knit 2 off cable needles
K2tog = Knit 2 together
M1 = Make 1: take the left-hand needle and pick up the bar between the stitches from front to back, use the right needle to knit this bar through the back loop.

Cast on 20 stitches
Row 1: K5, P1, K8, P1, K5
Row 2: P5, K1, P8, K1, P5
Row 3: K5, P1, K8, P1, K5
Row 4: P5, K1, P8, K1, P5
Row 5: K1, CB4, P1, K8, P1, CF4, K1
Row 6: P5, K1, P8, K1, P5
Row 7: K5, P1, K8, P1, K5
Row 8: P5, K1, P8, K1, P5
Row 9: K5, P1, K8, P1, K5
Row 10: P5, K1, P8, K1, P5
Row 11: K1, CB4, P1, K8, P1, CF4, K1
Row 12: P5, K1, P8, K1, P5
Row 13: K5, P1, K8, P1, K5
Row 14: P5, K1, P8, K1, P5
Row 15: K5, P1, K8, P1, K5
Row 16: P5, K1, P8, K1, P5
Row 17: K1, CB4, P1, K8, P1, CF4, K1
Row 18: P5, K1, P8, K1, P5
Row 19: K5, P1, K1, M1, K6, M1, K1, P1, K5
Row 20: P5, K1, P10, K1, P5
Row 21: K5, P1, K1, M1, K8, M1, K1, P1, K5
Row 22: P5, K1, P12, K1, P5
Row 23: K1, CB4, P1, K12, P1, CF4, K1
Row 24: P5, K1, P12, K1, P5
Row 25: K5, P1, K12, P1, K5
Row 26: P5, K1, P12, K1, P5
Row 27: K5, P1, K12, P1, K5
Row 28: P5, K1, P12, K1, P5
Row 29: K1, CB4, P1, K12, P1, CF4, K1
Row 30: P5, K1, P12, K1, P5
Row 31: K5, P1, K12, P1, K5
Row 32: P5, K1, P12, K1, P5
Row 32: K5, P1, K2tog (6 times), P1, K5
Row 33: P5, K1, P6, K1, P5
Row 34, K2tog on all stitches to end

FINISHING: Sew toe and using a mattress stitch, sew up the top of your slipper until it comfortably hugs your ankle. I had to try on my slipper as I was sewing to make sure it fit properly. After you sew the top, you'll need to seam the back heel. To keep this easy, I flipped the slipper inside out and just sewed up using the chain stitches as my guide.

READER TIP FROM MARIA BOVA: To avoid the point that is created completing the heel, don't sew the seam completely. Leave about 4 stitches on each side. Secure the last stitch by going through again. Then, weave the yarn in and out of the 8 stitches and pull to close the ring. This rounds off the heel.

PLEASE NOTE  This pattern fits my feet--- I wear an 8-1/2 shoe. If you want to make this slipper bigger or smaller -- note -- the distance between the heel and the shaping on my slipper pattern is about 5". So, you can adjust the rows (make less or more depending on your foot size) between the heel and the shaping to account for your foot size. Finished length of my slipper from heel to toe is 10".

An hour and a half later, here's a peek at my now happy tootsies..... Can't you just see them smiling? :-)

Hope your week is off to a great start! If you make a pair, please, please, please let me know and if you can email me a picture to juliekoerber@gmail.com so I can update this post! :-) I'll see you back here real soon!



Ann said...

Gorgeous! Love this pattern.

"Heel" for the body part.

denise g. said...

These are darling! I cannot knit, but am impressed that you do and do it so beautifully.

flourishes said...

These little slippers are the bestest best. I know I was lucky enough to get a pair of my own from Julie. Dreams to spend the day in when I don't have to go out.
Jan Marie

Beach Cat ! said...

ohhh I love these. They look so cozy!

Carole said...

My Mom used to make slippers a lot like those for me. So cute!!!

Dawn B. said...

I am wondering when you are available for a lesson. I too get to say I have a pair of these. I love them and can't even bare to wear them because I am savoring all the time it takes to create a handmade gift. I am just learning to knit. I have hit the rewind arrow on You Tube many times. Great project.

Stacy Morgan said...

Now I KNOW that these are comfy as I have a pair you mae me. I LOVE them! I would try this pattern if I understood it. ha!

Mandi and Dan Dominican 2006 said...

These look lovely! I am going to give them a try. Do you have the pattern up on Ravelry?

Julie Koerber said...


I don't have the pattern up on Ravelry. While I love that site, I have never posted anything. I get a lot of patterns from them though! :-)

Hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

thanks a ton, they look wonderful and I am glad they are quick. I am going to make some almost right away. Thank you for willing to share.

KrestieKrew said...

Love these, new and will have to figure out how to change size but ... like them.. You mentioned you had done similar slippers in worsted, I would love to have that pattern too if it is available..

Anonymous said...

I am going to attempt to make these, but I will have to resize. You noted in your pattern the length of the slippers ... could you provide the length of your foot from heel to toe? I'm assuming the slippers are a little longer than your actual foot. Just trying to get a sense for how much longer so I can adjust accordingly. Thanks!

sandra said...

Muito linda.Gostaria de ter a receita em português.Mas muito obrigada por compartilhar.Um forte abraço.

Unknown said...

I tried to make this but have run into problems - I'm just a beginner! Can you help? Despite using same weight yarn/size needles mine are much smaller & narrower, am I knitting too tight? I'm not sure where to add extra rows without affecting the cable pattern. After the increases the rows do not all add up to 24 stitches. There are two rows 32 (just a typo?. What about binding off - should I do this in knit stitch. Also where I have made increases I have small holes (I re-knit this with the same result) what did I do wrong?

Julie Koerber said...

Ali, Sorry you're having troubles! For starters, I think you might be knitting too tight. This isn't a pattern where I usually encourage a gauge swatch but at the end of the first few rows, your piece should measure roughly 5" across. If it is less, you'll want to figure out how many stitches you are knitting per inch, rip out what you have and then take that stitch per inch, and multiply it by 5 to determine how many stitches you will need to cast on. In order to keep the cable pattern moving through, simply add the extra stitches to the area where I have K8. So, if you have to cast on 28 for instance, you'll K5, P1, K16, P1, K5. The first and last six stitches are the set up stiches for the cable pattern, so you add any additional stitches to that middle stitch count. You mentioned that after the increases, your stitch count didn't add up to 24. It actually should. The only two rows that are increase rows are rows 19, which calls for you to add two stitches (22 stitches total) and 21, which adds another 2 stiches (24 stitches total). Row 32 is a decrease row where you should be knitting two together 6 times or K2tog. If you are having holes when you increase, try watching some Youtube videos on the different ways to increase. I am thinking that when you are Making 1 or M1, you might not be twisting the stitch the right way. I just searched and found one good video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhorclJTKt0. You might want to check that out! As for binding off, feel free to bind off knitwise. These stitches won't really show since you'll be gathering up all the remaining stiches from row 34, running a needle and extra yarn through all the stitches to sew up the toe. I hope this helps. It is really a great little pattern and I have literally made dozens upon dozens of slippers like this using different weights of yarn and just calculating the stitch per inch to figure out my cast on stitch number. Once you have the hang of it -- expirament! :-) Thanks so much for giving it a try! :-)

Rosie C said...

THanks for these great slippers! I made them in exactly the same yarn and want to make more pairs for gifts. But I am having one problem. When I sewed up the heel, it is pointy and either sticks out, or if I try to sew it under it creates a bump or ridge that is uncomfortable to walk on. Any advice?

Julie Koerber said...

Rosie, Thanks for trying out these slippers! Since these are a beginner's pattern, there really is --- other than the toe -- no shaping. This does leave that little point on the heel but what I have found is that after a few wears and washes, this point just molds itself to your foot. I pulled out pairs that I have had for years and honestly can't really even see the seam. If you just let it "point", it will work itself out and won't even be an issue. :-) Enjoy!

Unknown said...

linda me encanta estas zapatillas,solo quiero saber por donde se comienzan a tejer ,por el talon o la punta,ppues quiero tratar de hacerlo y gracias .me gustaria tener una respuesta.

Julie Koerber said...

¡Hola! Esta zapatilla se realiza en una especie de un tubo. Usted costura hasta la parte posterior para formar el talón. El dedo se crea cuando , al final , usted hace el punto más dos puntos de sutura. Reúne hacia arriba para formar la punta del pie. Espero que intenta este patrón !

Shelista Ochse said...

I am having the same problem as little roe. I think row 23 only has 23 stitches but you have 24 at that point. I added k1 to the end like the previous ones..

Julie Koerber said...

Shelista, After all these years, we found an error! I did fix the pattern above. Row 23 and Row 29 were supposed to have a K1 at the end of them. The first six stitches and last six stitches are the set up stitches for the cable pattern and we were simply missing the last knit stitch in that pattern portion. Sorry! All fixed now! :-)

Unknown said...

Why, when I made this pattern and followed it to a t, did I end up with a child sized slipper? I was hoping for slippers for me and I wear a size 8.5 like you. My neice is getting a new pair now...

Julie Koerber said...

You need to use a super bulky weight yarn in order to get the sizing correct and -- like the pattern says -- that mid section can be increased to properly fit any size foot. The Hometown USA yarn by Lion Brand that I used knits up at about 2.25 stitches per inch unlike a worsted, which knits up at 4 stitches per inch. That makes a big difference in sizing! Hope that helps!

Knittah said...

I made a couple pairs of these for gifts a while ago. It's a nice pattern to follow. I used Red Heart Zoomy. I thrummed the bottoms with unspun Merino roving to make them extra cozy and they became a favourite of their recipients. Thrumming this pattern was very simple as the bottoms are easily distinguishable from the rest of the slipper as you work.
Thank you for sharing your pattern.

Unknown said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks a bunch for sharing this pattern! I just finished knitting the slippers and you are absolutely right, I finished within a couple of hours. They are beautiful, cozy and so comfy, I love them! I blogged about it, check it out! http://lilydaily.com/simply-beautiful-knitted-slippers/

Lily of www.lilydaily.com

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing such a nice pattern.
Plz advice from -to which rows is the middle section to repeat for extension

Unknown said...

Hi thanks for sharing a nice pattern.
Plz advise what rows are the middle section for extention

Julie Koerber said...

Semah, in order to increase you will need to adjust the pattern sometime between row 1 and row 18. You want to get that additional length for larger sizes or decreased length for smaller than size 8 feet done there. You can measure your foot and then taking into account row gauge add or subtract. You still need to cable every 6 rows, so if you add, just keep doing the cable row every six rows as written. Row 19 starts the increase and decrease for the foot contouring. I hope that makes sense. If I were you, I would copy and paste the pattern into a word document, add or decrease rows and then make sure your cabling rows are added where they belong! This is a highly customizable pattern, just takes a little extra "thinking!" :-)

desperateknitwife said...

Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

Hola me gustaría que dee las explicaciones por qué me parece muy difícil desde el principio por favor 🙏