Friday, January 22, 2016

Everything's Rosy!

Hello sweet stamping friends! Hope your week is ending on a colorful and creative note! Mine is a bit of this and a bit of that. I do have some fun news to share however. If you are a fan of Power Poppy's Instant Garden images -- a.k.a. their digital stamp collection -- listen up! There's a brand new and, dare I say, BEAUTIFUL image that is hot off Marcella's sketch pad!

Check out this triple dose of pretty with Power Poppy’s brand new addition called Everything’s Rosy! This new illustration features cups that overfloweth with sweet looking and sweetly scented blossoms picked straight from the garden. It’s a tablescape of beauty that is so much fun to color! Plus: It comes with TWO sentiments that help you send somebody rosy wishes.

I have a confession to make! While I had every intention of making this beauty into a card, I only got as far as coloring it! So, dear friends, you can take a gander at my progress and you'll have to come on back next week to see how I fashioned this into an actual card! ;-) 

To color this up, I did put aside my Copic markers and chose to reach for my Distress Markers instead! Here's a peek at the colors that I used....

Until next week,  I know some of my fellow Bloomies have some fabulosity to share today! So, make sure you stop by and say hi! I know many -- if not all -- put this new digital stamp on display! Fun stuff!

Christine Okken
Cindy Lawrence
Julie Koerber  >> you are here!
Katie Sims
Leslie Miller
Stacy Morgan
Tosha Leyendekker

Before I go -- if you are looking for a bit of fun that offers up a challenge on the side, don't forget to check out Power Poppy's Power & Spark Challenge for February! You can click HERE to check out all the official details! Just think TALL & NEW! That's your little hint about the challenge!! Have a great weekend everyone and I'll see you all back here soon!


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CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Julie, I love it and look forward to seeing how you will finish it next week - what a tease! Hehe! But I love the results using the Distress Markers. I've been thinking about watercoloring this image myself and want to give it a try. It so lends itself to watercolor, I think. It's such a dreamy and gorgeous image! Hugs, sweet friend, and keep warm!!!

Leslie Miller said...

Beautiful coloring with those Distress Markers! Dang, I love that purple teacup. I know the whole card will be awesome!

Stacy Morgan said...

I agree with Cheryl looking forward to your final creation. This is very pretty so far, great coloring with the markers. Until next week... ;-)

Melanie Ann MacKenzie said...

Julie you could simply frame this gorgeous piece of work and never bother to make it into a card. Stunning colouring. I love using Distress Markers and you have done a wonderful job. Cheers.

Karen W said...

Wow the coloring is fantastic! Can't wait to see how you finish this!

Donna Ellis said...

Oh, Julie, what incredible shading and colors! I especially like the white highlights and pretty shadows around the flowers on the bottom, and then the soft blue on top. I'll be back to see the finished card! Thanks for sharing your techniques!

Tosha Leyendekker said...

Oh Julie...I love how you colored these beautiful blooms!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. You have such a lovely way with layouts!!

Davi said...

So Very Pretty I love your choice of colors, beautiful colors :)