Friday, February 19, 2016

Sneaks Day 4: Small But MIGHTY Affirmations!

You know those times when you just want to share a word to say, "Hey, chin up!" or "You've got this!" Power Poppy knew you needed affirmations to share with loved ones and that's why Marcella put her fabulously fun hand-lettered spin on what she calls.....

Enter Small But Mighty Affirmations!  Use these little powerful and mighty words to help change up someone's thoughts, brighten their day, let them know that you are in their corner! Or, all of the above! Marcella is the QUEEN of positive thoughts and she always has a quote nearby to help her work through the things of life. So, it comes as no surprise that this little set was her brain child with some of the very quotes/affirmations that mold and shape her daily life! How cool is that? You'll have to head on over to the Power Poppy Blog to read up on this set and her inspiration! 
On to my creations! 

I aboslutely love the sentiment "GO ROCK THIS DAY" -- it's got a spirit of life that I wish I could truly live each day. So, why not make it into a fun and vibrant card to hold onto for that moment when you know someone needs a lift? I also decided this little sentiment needed some razzle dazzle, bold colors and a little extra "something-something!" So... a shaker card I created!

Here's a peek at the inside. I used different elements from the set to stamp my sentiment and then added the rays of light stamp on the inside. The sentiment was punched thanks to a stitched circle die. See?

And since I wanted my sentiment to show through, I used a shaker window and put acetate on the backside. Inside, I put all kinds of sparkly little sequins! And then, I covered my mechanics with some pretty aqua paper. Ta da!

Because this stamp set is ideal for little "love notes", the timing of this set was PERFECT. My daughter -- just today -- had to give a 5 minute speech on how bringing her best brings out the best in others. She was nervous as we headed off to school. She dressed up in a dress, had me curl her hair and looked at the clock constantly, knowing that her speech was set for first period. As she got out of the car, I handed her this.....

On the back, I scribbled a little note letting her know that I knew she would ROCK her speech, that she worked really hard, that I was proud of her and above all.. loved her! This set is perfect for those little notes! She left with a big smile and texted me later in the day to let me know she only stumbled once and hit the mark on her timing. YAY! She put my little note in her pocket as a way to bring me with her at the front of the class. Awwwwww! (excuse me while I tear up a bit!!)

Want to see how these Small But Mighty Affirmations might lift up someone else in need? Hop on over to see.....

Allison Cope
Cindy Lawrence
Julie Koerber >>> you are here!
Leslie Miller
Stacy Morgan
Tosha Leyendekker
Power Poppy Blog & Marcella

You'll have to stay tuned to the Power Poppy blog for tomorrow's set that promises to bring a breath of spring into your stamp room! See you back here on the 21st for the Power Poppy Hop -- when all the new sets parade themselves into the Power Poppy Shop! 

Have a good one!


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Melanie MacKenzie said...

Holy! What a card. What a wonderful story to go with it. Love it.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Julie, what a great idea to create a shaker card with this fabulous sentiment peeking out! I can see someone carrying this or putting it somewhere special to remember you've encouraged them! And oh my, what a precious card to give you dear daughter just before her five-minute speech! Wow, I remember mine years ago and how terrified I was. So what a real encouragement for her to carry this (a bit of you) in her pocket knowing that you knew she could do it. There is nothing more important than encouragement, especially from your dear mom! You brought a tear to my eyes, so I know how you must have been! Hugs, sweet friend!

Katie Bolinger said...

Tearing up thinking about how a note can keep mom with you as you go through your day. Thanks for sharing your story and this rocking card.

Davi said...

What a fun card, that sentiment really is an
uplifting one and how perfect for your daughter! Those little treasures make life time memories :)

Cathy P in AZ said...

I absolutely LOVE your card and the inspiration behind it! Such a proud moment for you as a mom-and for your daughter!

Leslie Miller said...

Awww, Julie, I kinda teared up a little bit, too! This set is perfect for kids, I think. You rocked this set. Love what you did with your shaker card and the extra small stamps. You're so creative!

Evelyn vasquez said...

Rock on! It's so rewarding when your work and good intentions are appreciated.