Friday, January 20, 2017

A Post So Fast You'll Freak!

Hello folks and Happy Friday! I will be honest, this little blog post is going to be a quick splash of inspiration to get your weekend GOING! Why? Well, in a matter of hours yours truly and the Chief Creative Peep of Power Poppy, Marcella Hawley herself, will be on a plane bound for Creativation 2017, formerly known as CHA! This is going to be a super special treat for me because in the nearly 10 years Marcy and I have "worked" together, we have never met in person. Never. Not. Even. Once. We have a LOT of catching up to do, don't you think? ;-)

My creation today is actually a "Hey did you see this one?" kind of post! Last Monday over on the Power Poppy blog, it was my turn to host Inspire Me Monday and so I showcased some flat-as-can-be creations that are perfect for mailing, which also -- by design -- put your sentiments in the spotlight!

Here's a peek at what I did!

And here's the link to see how I did it HERE!

Like I said folks, short and sweet post for you! I still have to pack! EEK! So, now it's time to 1. remind you to play along in Power Poppy's Power & Spark Winter Blooms Challenge! You can read all about it HERE. And, 2. share the linky so that you can "Oooo" and "Ahhh" over my fellow Bloom Brigade's latest Power Poppy Creations!

Thanks for stopping by and as the kids used to say.... "See Ya on the Flip Side!"

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