Friday, October 6, 2017

Creating in a jiffy!

Hello all and Happy Friday to you! Today, I wanted to share some tips and tricks for creating en masse! I know this is all probably obvious stuff, but I really have streamlined this process and thought I would share! Last week, I shared this card with you all! 

Well, a dear friend of mine who lives in Florida saw this post and asked if I could make four more just like it so that she could share with some of her knitting friends. For this lady, I said -- ABSOLUTELY! Anything for you! ;-) Because I am normally awful at creating in an assembly line fashion, I thought I'd share a little bit of my creative process with you.

So, I started by digging through my paper stash and I picked out one base color, one color for my die cut frame and a little pop color for that decorative band in my card above. After that point, I die cut, trimmed and assembled all of my card bases in one fell swoop! See? I even printed off my digital images and pre-die cut those as well!

After that, I literally settled into a marathon night of TV watching. I mean, "This Is Us" was on, so it really wasn't all that hard! :-) What I loved about this process was the fact that it took less than an hour to pick my papers, die cut and assemble all of the card bases. From there, I could color match my Copic Markers based on the papers that I used!  And here are the four additional cards that I came up with!!

CARD #1 (Psst! This one would fit for last week's Hues to Use!)




So, like I mentioned, this is not "Rocket Science" -- but it is a streamlined approach and maybe it will help you when you are mass producing for birthdays or even your Holiday cards!

Since it's Friday, we have a Bloom Brigade Parade as usual! Be sure to stop over to the Power Poppy Blog because we have a brand new Power & Spark Challenge that's super fun. And then.... hippity hop to see these fine ladies!

Thanks so much for stopping by and saying "Hello!" Hope you have a wonderful weekend and.... I'll see you back here soon!


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