Friday, October 12, 2007

A little late to the party!

Ok... I promised a Thomas Kinkade Friday Frenzy and here I am showing up late to the party! Hee-hee. Well, hope you enjoyed this week. The creations are a ton of fun to work with! Katie left me a comment yesterday saying she hasn't tried them because she didn't think she could do it. HELLO! These are images you can't mess up! The beauty is the image. If you look at some of these photos below... you'll see, sometimes it is just as simple stamping in one color and making a monochromatic card!

Just in case you wondered, the snow house on the light blue polka dot card is colored on vellum, as is the Christmas village scene. I colored with markers on the back side of the vellum. The snow house on dark blue paper is just done using colored pencils and the monochromatic is just stamped with red ink! Just that simple!

Have a great weekend!!!

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