Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Christmas Countdown

Ok, I know we haven't even hit Halloween yet.... BUT.. I saw these adorable creations at one of our local scrapbook/stamp stores and wanted to share! I was doing a feature on Christmas crafts for the magazine I work for, and thought I'd give you all a sneek peek! All this week, I'll share these creations. Maybe you can CASE them with things you have around the house!


This first creation is so simple to make, you could easily do it in just a few hours! The blocks are actually just scraps of wood or cut branches. They were painted with acryllic paint, covered with scrapbook paper and then stamped with those foam block letter stamps with white acryllic paint. Embellish... and you're done! I have seen this same craft done with the word "Blessings" for Thanksgiving, for a child's room with their name, "Spooky" for Halloween... the options are endless!

Until tomorrow!

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