Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Waiting..... for my basement to change.

Ok, I had to post some pics of my basement in progress so you could see why stamping these days would be IMPOSSIBLE! My mom is planning a visit to see our new home November 1st and when she told us in September that she was coming, we decided to jump right in to finish a space for her in our basement. It will be really nice. BUT, right now, we had to move everything we had in boxes into one little corner of the basement to make room for framing, drywalling etc. etc. etc.

The good news, in addition to having a guest room, I'll have a stamp room!I have never had a place to put my "stuff" before. So, below are pics of not just the new stamp room in progress... but a shot of my storage area so you can see the chaos right now! Like I said, stamping is impossible right now! Those little plastic bins in the background are my stamps. I couldn't even get inside the room to take another shot. It's that crowded and messy!! Oh well, November 1st will be here before we know it --- and so will my mom ---who is a stamper too! Fun is just around the corner!




Ann said...

You are a brave woman to show pictures of your basement!!

Congrats on your new home, and good luck on finishing the guest room.

Julie said...

Thanks Lady! I will need it. This weekend is paint weekend. Lord knows I'll probably have more on me than the walls! :-)