Monday, October 1, 2007

Rubber Stamper Magazine

Ok, just got TERRIBLE news today. Christine Chatten, Assistant Editor of Rubber Stamper Magazine emailed me this little note....

"As you may not have heard, The Rubber Stamper Magazine has been sold. Amos
Craft Publishing, publishers of Pack o Fun and Crafts n Things has bought
the magazine. To my knowledge, they plan to roll TRS into Crafts n Things
instead of keeping it as a separate magazine.

All of the submissions that have been written are currently being sent to
them, as well as any cards for "future issues." The design team is no longer. I'm not sure what they will be doing with the projects-which are all written up."

If you love the magazine, now is your chance to let the ladies know that the work they delivered for years influenced all of our lives!

Christine's email is :
Jill, the editor, who is just an awesome lady can be emailed at:

Come Friday, these ladies will be looking for another job.
How sad!!!!!!

I'm going to go cry now.

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