Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flowers From A Friend....

Thanks to my bud Denise G. I think I found my mojo! It was lost for a whopping 48 hours. No joke! It left the building and it took some work to get it back!

I was cleaning up my stamp room when I stumbled upon an image that Denise sent a while back (She told me it was a stamp from Beeswax). I also had some Copics on my desk that I just bought. I have never used Copics but desperately want to learn how! So, I picked up three shades of pink and two shades of green and started coloring away! I have a LOT to learn! I basically started with the darkest color, shaded my image and then went over the whole thing with my lighter marker to pull the shadows out a bit. I am sure I did it all wrong! After I was done, I sponged the whole image with Antique Linen Distress Ink. This piece was bright white when it arrived in my little hands. So, I sponged quite a it of ink on it! I edged my image in gold, matted it onto an olive green and then attached it with foam tape to a label style journaling image from Impression Obsession.

Here's a close up of the flowers....
So I hope my mojo doesn't pull a Thelma and Louise on me anytime soon and take off for a LONG joy ride! :-)

Funny story before I go. My son went over to a friend's house today and so my five year old daughter and I decided to go school shopping - just the two of us. I am stopped at a red light and I hear this beeping noise and say, "What is that Ellie?" She says, "Oh, it's Frankie, he's just texting me." "What?" I ask, completely dumbfounded. Well, she holds up her play cell phone and says, "Frankie just texted me and asked me if I want to be his girlfriend. Should I save it or delete it?" I quickly say... "Delete it!!" (I'm thinking, who the heck is Frankie?) She adds, "Hey, want to hear my new ring tone?" She pushes a button and her play phone plays a little tune. " OH MY GOSH! I am now laughing so hard inside that I am afraid I will bust a gut! I look in my rear view mirror to see she's twirling her hair - it's a dead giveaway that she's a bit tired. I say to her, "Hey Ellie, do you think you might need to rest today? You look a bit tired." She says, "No, mom. I am a kindergartener now. Kindergarteners don't nap. I'll just go to bed a little early. I need my beauty sleep."

I'm speechless. Seriously. Speechless. Don't tell me. I already know I am in for big trouble when she gets older.

Hope you have a fabulous day! See ya back here tomorrow!
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