Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've been spoiled!!!

Wow! After a kind of rough day, I was spoiled! I had a Stampin' Up party last night and saw all my good stampin' buds - it had been way too long! We made a fun card, laughed a bit, had some sugar (gotta have some sweetness) and my friend Laura even brought me some GORGEOUS flowers that she grew herself! (photo coming!)

So, when the night was over, my demonstrator- Sheila- left me with a bunch of fun ideas that I thought I would share! Most showcase some of the fun new stamp sets! They are simple, classy and fun! This first one is my favorite - Ijust love eggplant with this olive color. It used to be one of my favorite color combos and I've gotten away from it a bit!
Love the popped up butterflies in this one!
Isn't this color combo striking?
What a Christmas card with whimsy!
That last card is done with the stamp and stick powder and glitter - it is so stunning IRL! I love each and every one of the creations!

Now, for the flowers - stunning! I can't believe Laura grew them herself!

I had to get close ups so that you could see how beautiful these Dahlias are! The colors are to die for!

Hope those flowers brightened your day! They sure did mine!!

I'll be back later tonight with Sharon's Stamp Simply challenge -- we'll be doing a bit of a dance with this challenge!! (How's that for a hint!?!)

Happy Thursday!

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