Friday, March 18, 2016

Fr-Fr-FRIDAY! Woo hoo!

Hello and happy Power Poppy Friday to y'all! I hope spring is making a showing where you are. I have to admit, it is NOT in my neck of the woods. Can you believe that last week we had temperatures in the 70s and this week, SNOW! That. Is. Not. Fair!!!!

Want to know what else is not fair? Well, no, my dog didn't "eat my homework." She ATE my card! I am so glad that I photographed it and blogged it already because this is what I found overnight.... Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I was trying to stock up on my all occasion cards. My pup told me to "think again!" :-(

If I didn't love that beast, she would be relegated to the garage for a few days. But, instead, as I sit here typing my post, she's at my feet.  As you can see, I love this little lady, faults and all! ;-)

I digress! I did come here today, after all, to share my creation for this week. I knew that I had to do two things for my Friday post. I knew I wanted to play along in Stacy's Peek-A-Boo Power & Spark Challenge and second, I wanted to use the brand new digital stamp set Spring Meadow Bouquet for my card! So, here goes!

For starters, I followed this sketch below, which was Stacy's challenge! 

The fun thing about this challenge is that the circles in the sketch are actually cut outs that you were supposed to have your image "peek out" from underneath -- thus the title Peek-A-Boo! So, that's why I chose the image Spring Meadow Bouquet. I thought this larger than life image was perfect for a sketch like this because you could highlight just pieces of this showy bunch of blossoms! 

Here's a "peek" at part of the card that showcases that lovely butterfly! And, you can see I added splashes of bling too just for a little extra pizazz! 

And, here's the other little peek-a-boo window! You can see that I used my Copics to color up this image and honestly, there are too many markers to mention! I have all my favorite greens, a few yellows, shades of rose, purple, see? Too many! Here's a close up!

And that, my friends is it! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a bit of your day with me!

Now it’s time to take a gander at what the rest of the Power Poppy Bloom Brigade whipped up this week. I have a feeling they made “spring” their muse for their latest creations. It’s just a feeling! You'll have to make the rounds to see for yourself!

Christine Okken
Cindy Lawrence
Julie Koerber
Leslie Miller
Stacy Morgan

Before I go, I do have to say thank you to one of the ladies that stops by here every now and then -- DONNA ELLIS! About a month ago, I complained about losing my mojo. I told anyone who might happen to "see" said mojo to tell it to come home!!! Well she, being the sleuth that she is, spotted my mojo waiting for the bus from Tampa to Orlando. She said my mojo couldn't handle the cold weather and went south to play in the sun. I am happy to report that, while stubborn, my mojo came home! 

Stay tuned to see the mojo and me collaboration in the coming weeks! ;-) Thanks Donna! 


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