Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cracking UP!!!!

For those of you that stop by regularly, you probably know my mom is "The Rubbermaid!" I have a link to her blog on the left side here. Well, every now and then she likes to brighten my day and leave a nice little comment about a card or two. THANKS MOM! Well, this last comment had me laughing pretty hard. She writes,

"Love your little bee card but then I love them all. Where did you get all your creativity? Perhaps you started crafting as a child. Pat"

MOM! Are you fishing for compliments here??? :-) You KNOW I learned everything crafty from you! And this, "perhaps you started crafting as a child?????" Hysterical. Thanks for making me laugh!!!!! Sorry dear lady, you've been outed! Feel free to sign "Mom" to your comments! :-)

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