Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ok - Bee Nice!

I say that because I am sure, and rightly so, some might roll their eyes at a VALENTINE'S DAY card before Christmas! But, you have to understand. I couldn't resist! A week ago, I finally submitted to my huge temptation to buy a few sets from Gina K. Designs. Well, the package arrived yesterday----AND--- in addition to chocolate. Yes. Chocolate. There was "extra rubber!" Who knew she spoils her customers like that?!?!?! Well, this little bee was one of the "extras" and when I saw him, an idea popped in my head. You know stampin' sistahs, you have to take those opportunities when the ideas come! So, I made this little guy and fell in love!
Here's A Close Up

I wanted to show a close up, in hopes that the sparkle might show! I used my new Copic Spica Glitter Pens! Love those things!!!

You should know --in the box were the stamps I actually ordered and I promise, they are a winter/Christmas theme.... so... that will be up next! That is, if the ideas come! :-)

Until tomorrow!


Jeans inky hugs said...

I had to comment on this card. It's so Cute!
Love the stamped Bee image.

KayellWY said...

It's so cute! I have to ask -- where did you get your word-search background? Love it!

Julie Koerber said...

Hey Karen!
This stamp was from Stamp It! I don't know if you remember, but Mary Francis did a demo FOREVER ago and used it. Surprisingly, this was one of those... "Oh, I have to have this!" stamps. I used it once for a card that I made for my Granda and then it got sent to stamping never never land. Meaning, I never seemed to use it! I don't think this company is even making stamps anymore. BUT, it is something I think you could do with the help of a computer!

The Rubber Maid said...

Love your little bee card but then I love them all. Where did you get all your creativity? Perhaps you started crafting as a child. Pat

dd2njoy said...

Such a Beeutiful card!!! Don't worry Valentines will come soon enough!!! TFS!

Joan said...

This card rocks!!!!! Gina does to, but what you did with the bee is so clever and well executed. You go!!

Penny said...

Oh my goodness, this is sooo cute!! Love the idea for this!

KayellWY said...

Thanks for the info on the stamp. I guess I missed that demo by Mary Francis. Must have been "before my time."

Love your Mom's comment and the thought of the laugh you must have gotten out of it. :)