Sunday, August 4, 2013

A weekend escape!

Last weekend I had such a fun little escape and I did it with some of the finest ladies around. I am so blessed to not only "work" with some of the best artists/designers in the world with Flourishes - they've become like sisters. And, nearly every summer for the past few years -- we've tried to meet up. We've done it mostly at CHA but this year, we wen't off the beaten trail. Since Christine was in the states already and was planning a trip to Yellowstone (which isn't far from my home), I suggested that the rest of the gals come too and make it a party. Well, sadly not everyone on the team could join us -- but these gals below said YES!

And here's who showed up for the party... (L to R) Tosha, Christine, Sharon, Stacy, Cindy and... yours truly! This was on a deck overlooking Lake Yellowstone.

And here are the family members who came with! Christine's family, my hubby and daughter, Stacy's hubby and their twin boys. Gosh, what a good lookin' group! ;-) I am a wee bit biased of course!

And here's some of what we saw -- the beautiful Hayden Valley in Yellowstone. While this pic doesn't show it -- it was home to hundreds of buffalo! 

Here are some of my peeps on our way to the Gallatin River for a whitewater rafting experience!

And.. here's a few of us ON the river! We had a blast!

Here's sweet Stacy and her twins. LOVE those smiles!

And here's a shot of the "shutterbugs!" These ladies were funny. You almost never saw them without their cameras. While on the trip they swapped lenses, talked about manual settings and were always on the hunt for the money shot! They got GORGEOUS pictures by the way!

I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life and it's so fun when you can enjoy more together than just card making. We are already thinking about where we'll go next summer! 


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Heather Jensen said...

It is great to see all these amazing photos. I wish I were able to make it this year. Hopefully we can all get together for CHA soon. :)

Allison Cope Israels said...

Some day we're gunna have to meet Julie! We really don't live all the far away. Looks like you had an amazing time together!