Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Coloring Marathon!

It's not every day that you can just set aside a whole day to do nothing but chill and color. Well, I declared Friday color 'til your fingers fall off day and I had such a blast just listening to music, sipping a little coffee --- just me, some darling images and, of course, my Copic markers! (My daughter joined in on the fun too and did up her own creations sitting next to me -- good times!)

Recently, I had the pleasure of getting together with some of the gals from Flourishes (photos coming soon) and Christine showed me some of the fun images she was working with -- an artist that I had never heard of! You can find Torico's images HERE at Birdie Brown. Her images are all digital, which my impulsive side loves and once a month, she even offers a free image or two with a challenge! How cool is that? Here's just a glimpse at what I colored up!

Isn't this robot guy darling???

I thought this little bear with a beret was sweet!

Love the whimsical feel of these tweeties!

This image was my darling daughter's fave....

I loved this monster image below so much, I did it up twice! On the purple one I colored mainly using dots in three different shades of purple....

Then, for the blue one, I colored it up with two shades of blue and then removed color with my Copic Blender Pen... 

I had to do a second one of the rockin' doggie too -- this image makes me SMILE!

And this image is just fun for birthdays!

So there you have it... my day of coloring til the fingers fall off (which they didn't -- still have all ten!) What will be fun now is finding ways to put cards together for all of these. I plan to do up most, if not all, for my mom's Cards 4 Kids ministry.   I figure the kiddos would love images like this!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start -- see you back here soon!


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Mary Ann said...

Great coloring!!!Super cute images!!!

Julie Koerber said...

Thanks Mary Ann! I had a ton of fun!

Julie Koerber said...
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ChristineCreations said...

I LOVE your colouring marathon Julie! Aren't they just the best images? I love the 2 styles on the monsters and the wish image too! I hope you'll show the cards too?

Heather Jensen said...

WOW girl! These are amazing. It looks like you had loads of fun coloring up those darling images. :)