Friday, September 24, 2010

Free for all Friday!

When the Flourishes gals get a wild hair and want to just be "free" we call it Free for All Friday and each do our own spin on a creation and share with the help of a little blog hop. So... here goes!

For my creation, I actually picked up a french fry container that I had kept in my stamp room for literally... years! See???
I know. I am a pack rat. My husband thinks it is nuts some of the things I keep "just in case" I might want to alter it or use it as a template. For this creation, I decided to use my fry box as a guide and I traced it right on to the back of my decorative paper.

I cut off the top part of the fry container because I knew I wanted to be able to emboss the curve along the bottom front....

Use a foam mat, a stylus and... voila!
And, here's what my covered container looks like...

I realized that I probably should have used a double sided paper so that I didn't have to cover the other side. I guess... that's a tip for you! :-)

And, once I got done assembling, this is what I came up with... a quick and relatively easy treat box... perfect for those little sweeties in your life! I used the new Witching you a Happy Halloween set from Flourishes. (Today is the last day to order this set as a part of the New Release Bundle-- all four sets for 10% off) Moving on! I stamped the pumpkin, masked it, and then stamped the cute cat in the background. Color it up with Copics (from the Tigerlily, Cool Neutrals and Fields Collections grouped by Flourishes) and then... add some razzle dazzle with glitter glue. I also added a black and white gingham ribbon for a handle and punched a couple circles for the message tag. I attached the tag with the help of some black burlap string. See?
And that, my friends, is it! I have to admit, while the Reese's cups are alive and well in this pic -- they are flat out gone at my house. It took 3.2 seconds for the kiddos to smell chocolate and attack! :-)
Hope you make time to hop on over and see what the rest of the Flourishes gals whipped up this fun-filled Friday!

Christine Okken
Danielle Kennedy
Dawn Burnworth
Laura Fredrickson
Leslie Miller
Stacy Morgan

See you back here soon!
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